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Algorithms and Data structures

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Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB  
Learn how to use object-oriented programming in MATLAB. Resources include videos, examples, and documentation covering the definition of classes and other object-oriented programming topics such as inheritance and encapsulation.
Submitted: Dec 01, 2011
KVL - Algorithms and source code  
MATLAB algorithms source code downloads. Includes several toolboxes such as iToolbox, DTW & COW, SENSABLE, Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction (EMSC) for MATLAB, The N-way Toolbox for MATLAB, INCA, Low-field NMR toolbox, The Missing Toolbox, and the Multiblock Toolbox.
Submitted: Aug 19, 2004
Data Structures and Algorithms Toolbox  
The Data Structures & Algorithms Toolbox provides advanced data structures and algorithms for the MATLAB environment. It implements functions to create and destroy singly and doubly linked list, stack, queue, binary tree and red-black (balanced) binary tree. Data elements can be inserted, deleted or searched for. A graphical representation of trees can be shown. The new version includes bug fixes for Red-black trees and new AVL tree routines.
Submitted: Jun 30, 1999
Matrix Computation Toolbox  
The Matrix Computation Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB M-files containing functions for constructing test matrices, computing matrix factorizations, visualizing matrices, and carrying out direct search optimization. Various other miscellaneous functions are also included.
Submitted: Mar 20, 1998

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