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Image Processing

Digital Image Processing using MATLAB  
Website of "Digital Image Processing" by Gonzalez, Woods and Eddins, a textbook that deals with MATLAB software implementation of image processing concepts. The site has a lot of support material including M-Files and Tutorials.
Submitted: Aug 12, 2004
Contemporary Optical Image Processing with MATLAB  
This book serves two purposes: first, to introduce readers to the concepts of geometrical optics, physical optics and techniques of optical imaging and image processing; and second, to provide them with experience in modeling the theory and applications using MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox. This book brings out the systems aspect of optics including ray optics, Fourier Optics, Gaussian beam propagation, the split-step beam propagation method, holography and complex spatial filtering, ray theory of holograms, optical scanning holography, acousto-optic image processing, edge enhancement and correlation using photorefractive materials, and holographic phase distortion correction. MATLAB examples are given throughout the text and instructive problems and MATLAB assignments are included at the end of each chapter.
Feature Extraction and Image Processing  
By Mark Nixon & Alberto Aguado. Written for third- and fourth-year students in electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics, this book discusses how techniques in feature extraction and image processing can be implemented together. MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox are used to solve numerous application examples throughout the book.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Introduction to MATLAB for Signal Processing and Image Processing  
By Nobukatsu Takai. Written in Japanese, this book is suitable for use as an introductory MATLAB text or for studying basic signal and image processing theory. Topics covered include M-files and programming, polynomials and differential equations, statistical data analysis, signal filtering, power spectrums, and Fourier image processing.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Adaptive Blind Signal and Image Processing: Learning Algorithms and Applications  
By Andrzej Cichocki & Shun-ici Amari. Written for engineers and researchers in various fields, this book covers both the theory and application of adaptive blind signal processing techniques and algorithms. Practical techniques for adaptive blind signal and image separation, extraction, decomposition, and filtering of multi-variable signals and data are discussed.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Range-Doppler Radar Imaging and Motion Compensation  
By Jae Sok Son, Gabriel Thomas & Benjamin C. Flores. Written for practicing radar engineers, this book discusses advanced methods for analyzing and synthesizing the echo transfer functions of inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) targets.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry  
Written for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals, this text introduces the theory and practices of photogrammetry. The book emphasizes the mathematical basis of photogrammetry while introducing the related fields, such as remote sensing and digital image processing, which are increasingly important to photogrammetric research and practice. An appendix lists the MATLAB M-files used in the book.
Multimedia Signals and Systems  
By Mrinal Kr. Mandal. Written for advanced-level courses and professionals, this book provides a technical introduction to multimedia signal processing techniques and systems. Topics covered include transforms; subband decomposition; digital audio, image, and video compression; data acquisition; and electronic displays.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Nonuniform Sampling: Theory and Practice  
By Farokh Marvasti. Written for practicing engineers, this book covers the basic theory of both uniform and nonuniform sampling, as well as the applications to various areas of science and engineering. Topics covered include Lagrange interpolation and sampling theorems, band-limited signals, non-uniform discrete Fourier transform, and estimation and detection.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Modern Digital Halftoning  
By Daniel L. Lau & Gonzalo R. Arce. Written for students and practicing engineers and researchers, this book focuses on the stochastic halftoning model, green-noise, and its desirable attributes in printing. The book presents the ideal spatial and spectral characteristics, techniques for producing, and the application of green-noise.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
MATLAB for Photomechanics: A Primer  
By A.K. Asundi. Written for students and researchers, this book is designed to get the reader started quickly with the use of optics in mechanics problems. MATLAB is introduced early in the book, and used throughout to support the theory presented.
Submitted: Feb 19, 2004
Processamento Digital de Imagens  
By Ogê Marques Filho & Hugo Vieira Neto, ISBN 85-7452-009-8
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003

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