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Numerical Methods for Physics, 2e  
By Alejandro L. Garcia, ISBN 0-13-906744-2
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Contemporary Optical Image Processing with MATLAB  
By Ting-Chung Poon & Partha P. Banerjee. This book serves two purposes: first, to introduce readers to the concepts of geometrical optics, physical optics and techniques of optical imaging and image processing; and second, to provide them with experience in modeling the theory and applications using MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Experiments in Modern Physics, 2e  
By Adrian C. Melissinos & Jim Napolitano. Written for junior- and senior-level physics students, this text presents advanced laboratory experiments with a focus on results obtained by the students. Topics covered include quantization, optics, spectroscopy, magnetic resonance, particle detectors, and data acquisition. MATLAB is introduced in an appendix and used to solve example problems
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Theories and Applications  
By Leung Tsang, Jin Au Kong & Kung-Hau Ding. ISBN 0-471-38799-1. This book introduces the fundamental theory of electromagnetic wave scattering and covers its application in areas such as atomic physics, medical imaging, geoscience, and remote sensing. While the emphasis of this book is on remote sensing applications, it also applies to researchers in the fields of composite materials, photonic devices, optical thin films, lasers, optical tomography, and x-ray lithography.
Submitted: Apr 26, 2002
Physics of Semiconductor Devices  
By Jean-Pierre Colinge & Cynthia A. Colinge. Written for upper-level undergraduate and graduate level courses, this textbook covers both basic and advanced semiconductor concepts and devices. Topics covered include energy band and electrical conduction theory, metal-semiconductor contacts, the MOS and bipolar transistors, quantum-effect devices, and semiconductor processing.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Elements of Modern X-Ray Physics  
By Jens Als-Nielsen & Des McMorrow. Geared towards final-year undergraduates, first-year research students, and professionals, this book covers the basic physical principles underlying the production of X-rays, their interaction with matter, and also how these properties are used in a range of applications. It develops the basic physical principles without obscuring them with too much mathematics. An appendix lists MATLAB files used to create many of the figures in the book.
Physik der Halbleiterbauelemente (in German)  
This textbook is an introduction into the physics of semiconductor devices, where emphasis is on main physical principles. It is adressed to students of electrical engineering, information technology, and technical physics mainly at universities of applied sciences as well as to prospective physicists who want to become familiar with applications of semiconductor physics. The basic facts and equations are presented with datailed derivations. Each chapter contains well-calculated examples and problems, partially using MATLAB (in parts also running on Palmtops). Suggested solutions as well as a comprimed data and formula collection are presented in the Internet. Chapter summaries, additional sections about trends and technology issues, as well as hints additional literature complete the text.
Submitted: Jan 18, 2005

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