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Statistics and Probability

Probability and Stochastic Processes: A Friendly Introduction for Electrical and Computer Engineers  
By Roy D. Yates & David J. Goodman, ISBN 0-471-17837-3 The goal of this text is to help the reader grasp the concepts of probabilityand stochastic processes, then apply them. The entire text adheres toa single model that begins with an experiment consisting of a procedureand observations. The concepts are presented throughout the book as asequence of building blocks that are clearly identified as either an axiom,definition, or theorem. Intuitive explanations of new concepts are interspersedwith mathematical statements.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Applied Stochastic Modelling  
By Byron J.T. Morgan. Written for senior-level undergraduate and graduate level students, this book discusses probability and statistical theory in a variety of real-world applications. Topics covered include model fitting, optimization, Monte Carlo inference, Bayesian methods, and simulation techniques. MATLAB is used to solve numerous application problems throughout the book.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Probability, Random Variables, and Random Signal Principles, 4e  
Written for junior and senior undergraduate and first-year graduate electrical engineering students, this book covers the theories of probability, random variables, and random signals, including the response of linear networks to random waveforms. Time domain descriptions of the concepts are introduced, followed by a thorough description of random signals using frequency domain. Practical applications are a key feature of this edition and include discussions of practical noise, a chapter on applications of the theory, and a chapter devoted to optimum networks when noise is present. Throughout the book there are examples and problems that use MATLAB.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2000
An Introduction to Stochastic Processes  
By Edward P.C. Kao, ISBN 0-534-25518-3 This text takes a modern applied approach to stochastic processes. Itcovers many applications from finance, operations, and engineering inthe examples and numerous exercises. Computer solution methods and transformationsusing MATLAB make this text a modern yet practical introduction. A MATLABtutorial is included in the appendix.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing: Detection Theory Volume II  
By Steven M. Kay, ISBN 0-13-504135-X Designed for practicing electrical engineers, researchers, and advancedstudents, this text is a thorough, up-to-date introduction to optimizingdetection algorithms for implementation on digital computers. It focusesextensively on real-world signal processing applications, including bothstate-of-the-art speech and communications technology and traditionalsonar/radar systems. The book makes extensive use of MATLAB, and M-filesare included as appropriate.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Elements of Engineering Probability & Statistics  
By Rodger E. Ziemer, ISBN 0-02-431620-2 This book covers the essentials of probability and statistics, and theirengineering applications. Each chapter includes several example problems,homework problems, computer exercises, summary, and a further readingsection. Also included are several appendices including programming hintsfor using MATLAB in statistical analysis and simulation of random phenomena,probability tables, and mathematical tables.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Introduction to Probability and Random Processes  
By Jorge I. Aunon & V. Chandrasekar, ISBN 0-07-001563-5 This book presents an introduction to the subjects of statistics, randomvariables, and random processes. It is intended for junior and seniorengineering students, and offers a unique, practical approach to the subjects.With a carefully selected blend of both theoretical and real-data examples,it connects the classroom experience to real-world problem solving. Thebook uses computer examples to explore the subtleties of probability theoryand its applications. A large number of the computer examples use MATLAB.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Multivariate Bayesian Statistics: Models for Source Separation and Signal Unmixing  
By Daniel B. Rowe. This text presents the Bayesian statistical approach to the source separation problem. The book begins with an introduction to the source separation problem and statistical material. Other Bayesian models are then introduced, leading to the discussion of the Bayesian Source Separation model with unobservable and observable sources.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis, 3e  
By George R. Cooper & Clare D. McGillem, ISBN 0-19-512354-9
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Probability and Random Processes with Applications to Signal Processing, 3e  
By Henry Stark & John W. Woods. Written for junior- and senior-level undergraduates, this book begins with the fundamentals of probability theory and develops the tools needed to understand more advanced topics such as random sequences, continuous-time random processes, and statistical signal processing. This third-edition text includes additional material on basic probability, statistics, misuses of probability, and signal processing. MATLAB is used in the text to solve examples in random variables, estimation, random sequences, and more.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Probability, Random Processes, and Estimation Theory for Engineers, 2e  
By Henry Stark & John W. Woods, ISBN 0-13-728791-7 Designed for a first-year course in probability, this text prepares thestudent for more advanced topics in probability. As requested by the readersof the first edition, the authors use MATLAB in examples and for solvinghomework problems. New topics in this edition include failure rates, theChernoff bound, interval estimation, the Student T-distribution, and powerspectral density estimation.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Applied Functional Data Analysis: Methods and Case Studies  
By J.O. Ramsay & Bernard Silverman. Written for graduate students and researchers, this book introduces and explores the theory of functional data analysis through case studies of various disciplines. Topics covered include modeling reaction-time distributions, functional models for test items, principal component analysis, and differential equations.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Metodi Numerici e Statistici per le Scienze Applicate  
By Valeriano Comincioli, ISBN 88-408-0757-8 This book covers topics in numeric computation and statistical analysis.The main numerical algorithms for solutions of linear systems, functionapproximation, optimization, integral calculus, and resolution differentialequations are introduced. Basic concepts of probability theory and statisticsare explained. Special attention is given to classical techniques suchas Markov chains, cluster analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, and signalfiltering. Many of the algorithms were developed and tested using MATLAB;the book contains source listings for each.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Statistical Process Adjustment for Quality Control  
By Enrique del Castillo. This book presents control theory at the elementary level, focusing on statistical methods used in process adjustment and their relation to the classical methods of process monitoring. The book includes broad coverage of SPC, adjustments, and time series. The System Identification Toolbox is briefly introduced and used to solve application examples.
Submitted: Feb 20, 2004
Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers  
By Yannis Viniotis, ISBN 0-07-067491-4 Suited for the advanced undergraduate and graduate student in electricalengineering, this book introduces the fundamentals of probability theoryand random processes by demonstrating their application to real-worldengineering problems. The author connects theory and practice throughan emphasis on mathematical modeling, while promoting a hands-on approachto the subject.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Spatial Error Analysis: A Unified Application-Oriented Treatment  
By David Y. Hsu, ISBN 0-7803-3453-1 This book is an all-in-one sourcebook on error measurements in one-, two-,and three-dimensional spaces. It features exhaustive, systematic coverageof error measurement relationships, techniques, and solutions used tosolve general, correlated cases.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Probabilites et Statistiques avec MATLAB et Maple  
Written in French, this book is intended for graduate mathematics students. The book begins with an introduction to the mathematical and programming capabilities of MATLAB, such as matrices, polynomials, and complex operations. It then covers topics in probability and statistics, including Monte-Carlo methods, Markov chains, Kolmogorov methods, confidence intervals, chi-square distribution, and Gaussian distribution.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
Duelling Idiots and Other Probability Puzzlers  
Written for undergraduates and mathematics enthusiasts, this book teaches the fundamentals of elementary probability theory using problems that are familiar to everyone. Light-hearted exercises include determining the odds of winning the World Series and how to obtain answers to an embarassing question using probability. MATLAB M-files are given to solve the problems presented.
Ordinal Data Modeling  
By Valen E. Johnson & James H. Albert, ISBN 0-387-98718-5
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Applied Factor Analysis in the Natural Sciences  
By Richard A. Reyment & K.G. Joreskog, ISBN 0-521-41242-0 This textbook introduces students to powerful factor analysis techniques.It focuses on providing students with the background necessary to undertakeanalysis on their own. The text includes examples from botany, zoology,ecology, oceanography, and geology.
Submitted: Dec 24, 2003
Probability, Random Signals, and Statistics: A Textgraph with Integrated Software for Electrical and Computer Engineers  
Written for senior undergraduate students and practicing engineers, this book serves as an introduction to the principles and applications of probability, random variables, random processes and signals, and statistics. It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of calculus, signals, and systems. A "textgraph" format separates basic and advanced material by typeface, creating a clear and balanced presentation.
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
Statistik mit MathCAD und MATLAB (German)  
By Hans Benker. ISBN 3-540-42277-3. Written in German, this book gives an introduction to probability theory and mathematical statistics for engineering and sciences. MATLAB and the Statistics Toolbox are used to solve probability and statistics problems throughout the text. A MATLAB tutorial chapter is also included.
Submitted: Apr 26, 2002

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