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MathWorks - Communications Blockset  
This blockset builds on the Simulink system-level design environment by providing more than 150 blocks to model the physical layer of a communication system. It can be used to design wireless, broadband, broadcasting, and satellite systems and the semiconductors used in these applications.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2003
MathWorks - Communications Toolbox  
This toolbox is a library of MATLAB functions that facilitates the design of communication system algorithms and components.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2003
Graphical in 3G wireless  
Great info for people workin on 3G.
Submitted: Oct 03, 2004
MATLAB GUI for Realizing the Radiation Pattern of Narrowband Beamformer  
A MATLAB GUI platform for realizing the radiation pattern of narrowband beamformer with random array geometry. User can specify the array geometry, directions of incoming signals, noise power, and the type of beamformer. Useful for gaining insight about collaborative beamforming in sensor networks and random arrays. You need both randomarray.fig and randomarray.m to work.
Submitted: May 25, 2005
Space Time Code  
Space time code algorithms based on Vahid Tarokh et. al. paper, "Space-Time Code for High Data Rate Wireless Communication: Performance Criterion and Code Construction".
Submitted: Jan 26, 2007
Modeling a Simple Communication Link  
In this video demonstration, we show how you can model a simple communication link using Simulink, Signal Processing Blockset™ and Communications Blockset™.
Submitted: May 30, 2008
ARQ Simulation  
This model simulates a selective-repeat automatic repeat request ARQ simulation. Packets are created, transmitted over a channel and affected by errors with a probability determined by the Forward Channel. This model allows you to visualize the system's behavior and analyze its performance under different conditions.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2010
Discrete Event Simulation  
MATLAB®, Simulink®, and SimEvents® enable you to model electronic system architectures, process flows, and logistics as queuing systems or agent-based systems.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2010
Discrete Event Simulation Software  
SimEvents® is a discrete-event simulation software that enables simulation of processes, such as mission plans or a manufacturing processes to determine resource requirements or identify bottlenecks.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2010
Queuing Simulation  
This model shows queuing simulation of a single-queue single-server system having a single traffic source and an infinite storage capacity. Queuing theory provides exact theoretical results for some performance measures of an M/M/1 queuing system. This queuing simulation makes it easy to compare empirical results with the corresponding theoretical results.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2010

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