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Consulting Services

MathWorks Consulting  
The MathWorks Consulting provides customizable, project-based consulting to help you exploit the full potential of MathWorks products. The growing list of consulting clients includes BMW, DaimlerChrysler, DERA, EADS, Ford, GM (Opel), Rolls-Royce, and the Royal Navy. Recent projects include designing specialized models for vehicle powertrain and suspension systems, aerospace vehicles, and modern communications systems.
Submitted: Apr 02, 2004
Cecube Online - Railway and Traction Simulation  
Site devoted to the development and application of simulation methodologies to the traction industry. Project descriptions including industry standard engineering tools (MATLAB and SPICE), with examples and downloads. Cecube component models written in C/C++, Fortran and VB.
Submitted: Nov 08, 2004
Fluid Systems Simulation Services - Consulting in dynamic simulation and analysis of fluids-handling plants and machines  
Dynamic simulation services, based on tailor-made MATLAB/Simulink models, are provided for the analysis of gases and liquids pumping and distribution plants, phase separation systems, thermal machines, combustion chambers, automation systems, etc. The time histories of the plant's variables that affect the design of a system and operations management are represented and analyzed to provide recommendations for modifications either to the plant's architecture or to its control systems.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
KHACE Consulting - Modern methods of control system design for the process industries  
We work with clients to undertake or assist them with the development, performance-analysis, and economic justification of process and control system designs and enhancements for existing and new petrochemical or other processes; including MATLAB based Computer Aided Control System Design where appropriate. Simulink based services include simulation building from our own, or client's own, library models; developing new models; and model translation and conversion. Past applications include steam boiler/distribution plant; large gas compression systems; chemical reaction/catalyst-recycle processes, novel oil/gas/water separation processes, and slugging flow.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
AMET Consulting Services  
AMET offers consulting services dealing with real-time control, modeling, and simulation. Our core expertise includes developing complex real-time control applications and tools, and modeling and simulating complex control systems.
Submitted: Oct 07, 2004
Engineering Dynamics Inc: Engineering Consultants  
Engineering Dynamics Inc. is an engineering consulting firm providing solutions for vibration problems in the petrochemical, refinery, paper, power generating and gas transmission industries.
Submitted: Dec 27, 2007

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