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MathWorks - Database Toolbox  
This toolbox enables you to exchange data between MATLAB and any ODBC/JBDC-compliant database. The Visual Query Builder tool within the toolbox enables you to query stored data without needing to know or learn SQL.
Submitted: Oct 23, 2003
Tim's Journal: MATLAB + MySQL  
Personal Blog containing helpful information and commentary on using MATLAB and MySQL for database optimization.
Submitted: Jun 06, 2005
MySQL Connector: mYm  
mYm is a Matlab interface to MySQL server. It is based on the original 'MySQL and Matlab' by Robert Almgren and adds the support for Binary Large Object (BLOB). That is, it can insert matlab objects (e.g. array, structure, cell) into BLOB fields, as well retrieve from them. To save space, the matlab objects is first compressed (using zlib) before storing it into a BLOB field. Like Almgren's original, mYm supports multiple connections to MySQL server.
Submitted: Oct 05, 2007
A MEX-DLL to access SQLite Databases from MATLAB. Includes Binaries for Windows and Source Code.
Submitted: Aug 29, 2008

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