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MathWorks - Fuzzy Logic Toolbox  
The Fuzzy Logic Toolbox features a simple point-and-click interface that guides you effortlessly through the steps of fuzzy design, from setup to diagnosis. It provides built-in support for the latest fuzzy logic methods, such as fuzzy clustering and adaptive neuro-fuzzy learning. The Toolbox's interactive graphics let you instantly visualize and fine tune system behavior.
Submitted: Jul 02, 1999
Neuro-fuzzy MATLAB software  
MATLAB software tool for Neuro-Fuzzy identification and data analysis.
Submitted: Feb 26, 2001
Fuzzy Systems Toolbox  
A collection of M-files to study concepts in the following areas of Fuzzy-Set-Theory: Fuzzy or Multivalued Logic, The Calculus of Fuzzy, Quantities, Approximate Reasoning, Possibility Theory, Fuzzy Control, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.
Submitted: Jun 30, 1999
List of MATLAB M-Files Used in ECE/CS/ME 539  
These MATLAB M-Files are written by Yu Hen Hu, and have been tested on Matlab V5.3. You are welcomed to use them for education and research purposese. Includes files for neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, and time series analysis.
Submitted: Jun 08, 2005
FISMAT: Fuzzy Inference System toolbox  
FISMAT accommodates different arithmetic operators, fuzzification and defuzzification algorithm, implication relations, and different method of approximate reasoning such as Compositional Rule of Inference (CRI) and Approximate Analogical Reasoning Scheme based on Similarity Measure.
Submitted: Jun 30, 1999
DANIELA Neuro-Fuzzy Controller  
DANIELA is a Neuro-Fuzzy system for control applications. The system is based on a custom neural device that can implement either Multi-Layer Perceptrons, Radial Basis Functions or Fuzzy paradigms. The system implements intelligent control algorithms mixing neuro-fuzzy paradigms with finite state automatas and is used to control a walking hexapod.
Submitted: Sep 12, 1999
Fuzzy Logic and Estimating the Yield Curve  
An informative whitepaper which presents " a fuzzy logic method of estimating the yield curve."
Submitted: Aug 04, 2005
Fuzzy Rule Interpolation ToolBox  
The FRI Toolbox implements several Fuzzy Rule Interpolation methods that can afford an acceptable conclusion even in case of sparse rule bases when for some input values there are no rules whose antecedent part would overlap the observation at least partially. The FRI techniques are available through an easy to use GUI and in form of functions.
Submitted: Oct 30, 2006

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