Writing C Functions in MATLAB (MEX-Files)  
This is a basic guide to writing mex files for MATLAB in C. This guide gives a simple background of some the MATLAB mex features so that learning to write mex files can be quick and easy.
Submitted: Jun 08, 2005
H2Mex is a program that gernerates automatically an interface file (MEX file) from a header file (the .h file). The Header file format is a pure C format, It's extended with some modifiers that allows to H2MEX to understand the exact task of a function. The generated source (MEX file source) could be compiled without any modification to create a DLL which is callable from Matlab.
Submitted: Oct 31, 1999
MEX files with gnuwin32  
This file is intended to explain how to install the Cygnus port of the gcc compiler so that it can be used to compile mex files within MATLAB 5 for windows. It is written for the b18 version of that compiler. In fact b19 has just been released, and I will update this file when we have some experience of the new release. There are two main advantages to using the Cygnus gcc over other c compilers. The first is that it free. The second is that the Cygnus environment emulates a considerable degree of Unix functionality within 32 bit Windows, so you may well be able to use the same c mex source files for matlab on Unix and NT/Windows 95.
Submitted: Jan 01, 1999
GENMEX is a utility to automatically generate MATLAB MEX-files that call Fortran (especially NAG) library routines. Take a look at an example on how to use NAG's minimization routine e04dgf from MATLAB. There is also a paper describing the basic principles. GENMEX is written and tested in SUN Solaris 2.3 environment and depends on way how fortran routines are called from c-language in Solaris. It should however work now on some other platforms too (IRIX, AIX, Linux).
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999
CUDA example to speed up FFT using GPUs  
An example showing how to speed up 2D FFT using NVIDIA CUDA SDK.
Submitted: Sep 21, 2007
MATLAB/MEX Interface to SVMlight  
MEX-SVM is an interface between MATLAB and SVMlight , a powerful and efficient SVM package developed by Thorsten Joachims. The primary goal of this package is to have a simple and efficient interface between the two packages. Site provides links and instructions.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2005
Channel Coding in Digital Communication  
MEX source code for convolutional code, turbo code, dan space time code
Submitted: Nov 13, 2006
Using the Lahey/Fujitsu LF95 compiler within MATLAB.  
LFMATLAB.EXE (65 KB) This self-extracting zip file supports using the LF95 compiler within MATLAB and seamless integration with MATLAB external API procedures. A MATLAB compatibility library is provided to facilitate the creation of MATLAB MEX functions and programs using the MATLAB engine. MATLAB example code should not require any modification when LF95 support is enabled.
Submitted: Jul 23, 2005
MATLAB Gateways on Linux using the NAGWare f95 Compiler  
The Mathworks recommends using g77 as the Fortran compiler for generating MATLAB MEX files on Linux. However, the NAGWare f95 Compiler may also be used as the Fortran compiler. Indeed there is some advantage to using NAGWare f95 rather than g77 as pointers and dynamic allocation of memory are available as part of the Fortran 95 language.
Submitted: Jun 08, 2005
sundialsTB, a Matlab Interface to SUNDIALS.
Submitted: Nov 26, 2005
Automatic generation of Fortran gateways  
We have developed a graphical gateway generator for Fortran 77-90/95 codes in Java. Please, try it out!
Submitted: Sep 01, 2007
Online mex gateways generator  
On online system for generating gateway mex functions from any native C,FORTRAN77, and FORTRAN90 code. The engine behind is written in php and you get the result instantaneously on your browser.
Submitted: Oct 10, 2008

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