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GABLE: A MATLAB Geometric Algebra Tutorial  
This page contains the MATLAB software and the PostScript and PDF versions of a tutorial for learning Geometric Algebra. This tutorial is aimed at the sophomore college level, although it may provide a gentle introduction to anyone interested in the topic.
Submitted: Nov 10, 2003
Biharmonic Equation  
The biharmonic equation is used to model the deflections arising in two dimensional rectangular orthotropic symmetric laminate plates. The plate can be subjected to external perpendicular force(q) and one is interested in the resulting deflections. Various boundary conditions can be applied to the problem. The edges can be simply supported, clamped, or free. In this work, an automatic procedure is defined which produces the difference equations for each edge boundary case. The procedure is illustrated, using MATLAB, with numerical results for problems with and without exact analytical solutions. We define an automatic procedure to generate the difference equations for approximating the solution to the biharmonic equation under various boundary conditions.
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999
The programs DFIELD and PPLANE are described in some detail in the manual Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB. There are several versions of the software available for use with various editions of MATLAB.
Submitted: Jan 31, 1999
Using MATLAB for First Order ODEs  
Inline functions, Direction fields, Numerical solution of initial value problems, and Symbolic solutions of ODEs.
Submitted: Jun 08, 2005
Column-wise derivative estimation. Computes 5-point discrete derivative estimates for each column of the input matrix U.
Submitted: Jul 19, 1999
Solving DDEs with MATLAB  
The information on this page deals with the solution of delay differential equations (DDEs) with constant delays using MATLAB . Included are a tutorial on using the MATLAB dde23 solver to solve DDES, a manuscript containing technical details for the solver, and a manuscript dealing with the event location procedures used in dde23. In addition, the necessary M-files for the solver as well as the M-files for the problems discussed in the tutorial are available.
Submitted: Apr 11, 2000
m-files for 1-dimensional integration which are faster, more reliable and more universal than those currently available. They are both vectorized in the best MATLAB sense while fully adaptive to local function behavior.
Submitted: Jul 18, 1999
Stochastic Differential Equations Toolbox  
SDE Toolbox is a MATLAB package for simulating the solution of a user defined Ito or Stratonovich stochastic differential equation (SDE), estimate parameters and obtain descriptive statistics of the underlying stochastic process; users can also simulate an SDE chosen from the provided Library of SDE models.
Submitted: Jul 13, 2007
Push bound  
The push bound problem is a very interesting one. When we push at a plate, sometime all of the plate goes ahead, sometime some place bounds. C. V. Coffman and R. J. Duffin[1], R. J. Duffin[2] and P. R. Garabedian[3] did some good work in this field. Here, what we are considering is, for square plates, when we push at a given point, which points will bound. Using difference method and MATLAB, we deal with common material (like glass, steel, ...) and composite material square plates.
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999

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