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Finite Element Analysis

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Structural Dynamics Toolbox: Modal analysis and finite element modeling with MATLAB  
The Structural Dynamics Toolbox enhances MATLAB core capabilities in controls and signal processing through extensions linked to - Experimental modal analysis, - General 3-D finite element modeling, - Test/analysis correlation.
Submitted: Jul 01, 1999
SOFEA: Finite Element Toolkit and Textbook  
SOFEA: MATLAB object-oriented Finite Element toolkit and the book: A Pragmatic Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for Structural Engineers. Distributed as open-source (free software).
Submitted: Oct 26, 2005
Eric's MATLAB Stuff  
Stuff here includes MATLAB code for truss and frame structural analysis, and code to rotate any MATLAB plot using the mouse. Actually, the frame and truss analysis are all from the same set of code, cause it's pretty much the same thing. There are three structure definitions, a simple truss, a simple frame, and a not so simple bicycle wheel. Warning! Some of the code is commented better than other parts.
Submitted: Jul 10, 1999
FEMLAB®- Multiphysics in MATLAB  
FEMLAB is a powerful interactive environment for modeling and solving scientific and engineering problems involving partial differential equations. Using FEMLAB, you can build many models by means of the physical quantities involved, rather than the equations describing them. Models developed in FEMLAB can be saved as MATLAB programs for parametric studies or iterative designs.
Submitted: Apr 05, 2000
CUBIT Mesh Generation Toolkit  
CUBIT is a solid-modeler based preprocessor that meshes volumes and surfaces for finite element analysis. Mesh generation algorithms include quadrialteral and triangular paving, mapping, multi-sweeping, tet meshing, and various special-purpose primitives. Our smoothing algorithms are state of the art and are incorporated into volume sweeping. CUBIT contains many algorithms for controlling and automating much of the meshing process, such as automatic scheme selection, interval matching, sweep grouping, and sweep verification. One of CUBIT's strengths is its geometry module, for changing the underlying solid model into the model you wish to mesh. This is now available in library form to other applications, e.g. adaptivity, as the separate "Common Geometry Module" CGM.
Submitted: Jan 16, 2001
FEMLAB - Multiphysics  
FEMLAB® supplies a highly sought-after innovative technology that brings the power of numerical analysis into your multiphysics applications through an interactive user environment. Some of the main features of FEMLAB include easy modeling, improvising and customizing, and the simplicity with which non-standard computations can be run. FEMLAB is a tool for exploration and quick insight into physics, models, and parameters. FEMLAB offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and CAD tools, as well as strong visualization capabilities. FEMLAB embodies the power of MATLAB®, its agile toolboxes and Simulink® in the form of a powerful modular package.
Submitted: Jul 10, 1999
THERBOX - Dynamic simulation and analysis of heat transfer in closed environments  
THERBOX performs dynamic simulations of heat exchanges in closed environments. As an agile tool that stands halfway between complex FEM codes and highly simplified analytical models, THERBOX is well-suited for fast preliminary calculations. Conduction, convection, and radiation are taken into account, as is masking due to an object's shape and placement when computing mutual radiation form factors. THERBOX uses simple form objects that can be automatically meshed and interactively placed in the environment. Boundary conditions, such as surface air velocities and temperatures, are stated through simple time-dependent functions.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
FE2SS: Translates structural dynamics from any FEA package for use in MATLAB and Simulink  
FE2SS enables you to create a state-space object containing structural dynamics data from even the most complicated finite element model. It supports all FEA packages that can solve for eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
Submitted: Sep 23, 2005
Solve the Sturm-Liouville equation: d( F*dY/dX )/dX - G*Y = R using linear finite elements.
Submitted: Aug 05, 1999
O.De.Sim Consulting Services for Finite Element Applications  
O.De.Sim develops toolboxes for finite element simulation. These toolboxes read data from finite element codes (such as NASTRAN and SAMCEF) for identification software for metal injection molding simulation, for correlating experimental testing and finite element simulation, and for experimental data processing.
Submitted: Sep 23, 2005
Attune: Automated, user-friendly, test-analysis correlation and model-updating  
Attune is an automated test-analysis correlation and model updating software tool which is user-friendly, flexible, and is based on MATLAB.
Submitted: Sep 23, 2005

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