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Fitting and Interpolation

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MathWorks - Curve Fitting Toolbox  
The Curve Fitting Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB® functions that provides a central access point for curve fitting applications. The toolbox provides routines for preprocessing data, as well as creating, comparing, analyzing, and managing models. The functionality in the Curve Fitting Toolbox is available through an intuitive visual interface or at the command line. In addition, toolbox functions are implemented in the open MATLAB language. This gives you access to the source code, which allows you to learn from and customize existing algorithms or develop your own.
Submitted: May 06, 2001
MathWorks - Spline Toolbox  
The Spline Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB® functions for data fitting, interpolation, extrapolation, and visualization. (Splines are smooth piecewise polynomials that can be used to represent functions over large intervals, where it would be impractical to use a single approximating polynomial.) All Spline Toolbox functions, including algorithms available through the GUI, are implemented in the open MATLAB language.
Submitted: May 06, 2001
ENTOOL is a MATLAB Toolbox for ensemble regression modelling. Various models have been implemented so far, including neural networks, radial basis functions, k-nearest neighbour models, multivariate adaptive regression splines, polynomial- and linear regression models, etc.
Fitting of a plane or hyperplane to a set of points.
Submitted: Jul 22, 1999
1-D linear interpolation. YI = INTERPL(X,Y,XI) returns vector YI containing elements corresponding to the elements of XI and determined by linear interpolation within vectors X and Y. INTERPL is much faster than TABLE1 and INTERP1 as it uses a mex-file for the actual computation.
Submitted: Aug 13, 1999
Ezyfit Toolbox - A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab  
The Ezyfit toolbox for Matlab enables you to perform simple curve fitting of one-dimensional data using arbitrary (non linear) fitting functions. It adds a new menu to your figure windows, which allows you to easily fit your data with predefined or user-defined fit equations, including interactive selection of your data (outliers removing). This toolbox also provides a set of command-line functions to perform 'programmatically' curve fitting: you just have to type something like showfit('c+a/x^n') and EzyFit gives you the values for c, a and n and shows you the curve!
Submitted: Oct 06, 2005
Interpolation between rows and columns of a matrix.
Submitted: Jul 19, 1999
Interpolates missing values of matrix M (marked by NaN) from a set of nearest available elements.
Submitted: Jul 19, 1999
Fitting Polynomial Models to Data  
It is common engineering practice to "fit a line" to a set of data in order to determine some useful parameter in a mathematical model or perhaps to generate a calibration curve. . .
Submitted: Jun 08, 2005
Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox  
The Sparse Grid Interpolation Toolbox is a Matlab toolbox for recovering (approximating) expensive, possibly high-dimensional multivariate functions. It includes hierarchical sparse grid interpolation algorithms based on both piecewise multilinear and polynomial basis functions. Sparse grids are superior to conventional (full) tensor-product grids due to a significant reduction of the support nodes. The asymptotic error decay of full grid interpolation is preserved up to a logarithmic factor provided that the objective function is smooth enough. The toolbox also includes efficient dimension- adaptive algorithms that automatically detect full or partial separability of the objective model, thereby performing well even for large problem dimensions d > 10 (up to several hundreds, depending on the problem). Treatment of models with multiple output parameters (possibly several hundreds) is also possible. Since version 3.5, accurate gradients can be computed at very low additional cost. Since version 4.0, efficient algorithms are provided to search the interpolant for minima/maxima. Since version 5.0, numerical integration using sparse grids is supported (including Gauss- Patterson sparse grid).
Submitted: Jan 17, 2006
Fitting a straight line through data points specified by vectors X and Y.
Submitted: Jul 22, 1999
ZipInterp - Multidimensional Interpolator  
ZipInterp provides general-purpose and advanced capabilities for N-dimensional interpolation. In its most basic usage mode, it allows multidimensional array indexing with fractional indices. Advanced capabilities include bias compensation, gradient calculation, inverse function evaluation, and interpolation on non-uniform ("non-plaid") coordinate maps. A demo package and product documentation can be freely downloaded.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2006
LibLip multivariate scattered data approximation toolbox  
LibLip is a Matlabtoolbox, which provides many methods to interpolate scattered data (with or without preprocessing) by using only the data itself and one additional parameter - the Lipschitz constant (which is basically the upper bound on the slope of the function). The Lipschitz constant can be automatically estimated from the data. LibLip also provides approximation methods using locally Lipschitz functions. If the data contains noise, it can be smoothened using special techniques which rely on linear programming. Lipschitz constant can also be estimated from noisy data by using sample splitting and cross-validation. In addition LibLip also accommodates monotonicity and range constraints. It is useful for approximation of functions that are known to be monotone with respect to all or a subset of variables, as well as monotone only on parts of the domain. Range constraints accommodate non-constant bounds on the values of the data and the interpolant.
Submitted: Jan 08, 2007
Recursive Zonal Equal Area Sphere Partitioning Toolbox  
The Recursive Zonal Equal Area (EQ) Sphere Partitioning Toolbox is a suite of Matlab functions for use in exploring different aspects of EQ sphere partitioning. The functions are grouped into the following groups of tasks: 1. Create EQ partitions 2. Find properties of EQ partitions 3. Find properties of EQ point sets 4. Produce illustrations 5. Test the toolbox 6. Perform some utility function
Submitted: Dec 13, 2006
回帰分析目的に幅広く使用される MATLAB ツールの Curve Fitting Toolbox™ は、モデルの作成、管理、比較、解析や、プレビュー、後処理用のユーザー インターフェイス機能やコマンド ライン機能を提供します。

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