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MathWorks - Symbolic Math Toolbox  
The Symbolic Math Toolbox combines the symbolic mathematics and variable precision arithmetic capabilities of the Maple 8 symbolic engine with the powerful numeric and visualization capabilities of MATLAB.
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999
Symbolic Math MATLAB Files  
User contributed symbolic math MATLAB files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange.
Submitted: Oct 23, 2003
MATLAB Symbolic Mathematics Tutorial  
A tutorial aimed at freshman science and engineering students using MATLAB's Student Version 7.01, which contains the symbolic mathematics toolbox. Topics covered include differentiation, integration, and solution of equations, including simultaneous non-linear equations.
Submitted: Jun 03, 2005
Analytical Solution  
MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox help you calculate analytical solutions to your math and engineering problems. Analytical solutions often provide important advantages, whether you are developing algorithms or modeling engineering systems. Explore examples and how-to materials, as well as function references for deriving closed-form analytical solutions.
Submitted: Oct 13, 2010
Learn how you can calculate integrals numerically and symbolically with MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox. Explore examples and how-to materials, as well as function references for numeric and symbolic integration using techniques such as Simpson quadrature, Lobatto quadrature, and Gauss-Kronrod quadrature.
Submitted: Oct 13, 2010
MuPAD consists of a powerful symbolic engine, a language that is optimized for operating on symbolic math expressions, and an extensive set of mathematical functions and libraries. The MuPAD engine serves as the foundation of Symbolic Math Toolbox, whose notebook interface provides access to the complete MuPAD language Explore examples and software reference materials for MATLAB and MuPAD functions.
Submitted: Oct 13, 2010

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