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MathWorks - Neural Network Toolbox  
The Neural Network Toolbox provides comprehensive support for the design, implementation, and simulation of many proven network paradigms and is completely extensible and customizable. Its consistent methodology and modular organization facilitate research, provide a flexible framework for experimentation, and simplify customization.
Submitted: Jul 02, 1999
Neural Network M-files  
User contributed neural network m-files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2000
NeuroSolutions Neural Network Toolbox  
The NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox enables users to leverage the power of neural networks inside MATLAB. The toolbox features 15 popular neural models (MLP, SVM, Time-lag recurrent, Feed forward etc., ), 5 learning algorithms (Conjugate Gradient, Momentum etc.,) and a host of useful utilities integrated in an easy-to-use interface, which requires “next to no knowledge” of neural networks to begin using the product.
Submitted: Jun 28, 2004
ANN tutorial  
Brief but good tutorial for Artifical Neural Networks with MatLab.
Submitted: Feb 21, 2006
Neural Network backprop algorithm in MATLAB  
A starting point for those wishing to develop neural network algorithms in MATLAB
Submitted: Mar 27, 2006
Netlab Neural Network Software  
The Netlab simulation software is designed to provide the central tools necessary for the simulation of theoretically well founded neural network algorithms for use in teaching, research and applications development. It consists of a library of MATLAB functions and scripts based on the approach and techniques described in Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition by Christopher M. Bishop, (Oxford University Press, 1995). The functions come with on-line help, and further explanation is available via HTML files: the table of contents is contained in index.htm.
Submitted: Jul 02, 1999
SOM Toolbox  
SOM Toolbox is a free function library for MATLAB 5 implementing the SOM algorithm, visualization and analysis.
Submitted: Feb 22, 2000
Computational Intelligence  
Aims and objectives of the course: Knowledge of the most important concepts and methods form the area adaptive filters, machine learning and neural networks. Includes tutorial on the MATLAB Neural Networks Toolbox.
Submitted: Jun 08, 2005
MCMC Methods for MLP and GP and Stuff  
MCMCstuff toolbox is a collection of Matlab functions for Bayesian inference with Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. Includes code and demonstrations for neural networks and Gaussian processes for classification and regression.
Submitted: Sep 30, 2006
Multisurface Method Tree with MATLAB  
Brief Overview of the MSM-T Algorithm and Generation of the Decision Tree
Submitted: Jun 13, 2005
Neural Network software  
Alyuda Research is one of the world’s leading developers of neural network-based and trading software for enterprises and individuals.
Submitted: Feb 12, 2008
Recurrent Self-Organizing Maps Toolbox  
This package contains a few functions to create, train, and simulate RSOM and RecSOM type of recurrent self-organizing maps. It currently depends on Neural Networks Toolbox of MATLAB.
Submitted: Jan 04, 2006
NNCTRL Toolkit  
An add-on for the 'NNSYSID-toolbox'. The toolkit consists of a set of functions for design and simulation of neural network based control systems.
Submitted: Jul 02, 1999
The Spider Tutorial  
The spider is intended to be a complete object orientated environment for machine learning in MATLAB. Aside from easy use of base learning algorithms, algorithms can be plugged together and can be compared with, e.g model selection, statistical tests and visual plots. This gives all the power of objects (reusability, plug together, share code) but also all the power of MATLAB for machine learning research.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2005

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