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MathWorks - MATLAB Digest  
The MATLAB Digest is a news bulletin sent via e-mail six times a year. The Digest provides technical notes, solutions, and timely announcements to the MATLAB and Simulink community.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2000
MathWorks - MATLAB News & Notes  
Helping to optimize the use of MATLAB, Simulink, and their associated toolboxes and blocksets, MATLAB News & Notes provides feature articles, technical notes, and product information. It is published twice a year and mailed to the MathWorks user community.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2000
MATLAB - News & Notes Cleve's Corner  
Collected columns 1994-2003. This is a collection of Cleve's Corner articles written for MATLAB News & Notes by MathWorks Chief Scientist, Cleve Moler. MATLAB News & Notes is published twice a year and mailed to the MathWorks user community.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2000
MATLAB tricks from the desk of Stinkpot  
being a dork, i've learned a lot of geeky things through either googling or trial and error. since i'm very forgetful, i've collected these knowledge nuggets here, so that i don't have to repeat that learning process. if you can also make use of this information - fantastic! in fact, if you've got a tech question (that this body of tips suggests i know the answer to), feel free to write to LDavid AT MIT DOT EDU and i'll try to answer it. i'll even post the answer here. so without further ado, useful stuff:
Submitted: Apr 11, 2008
Seth on Simulink  
Of course, Simulink is much more than a simple tool for solving differential equations. It has a richness and depth that will give me plenty of material to draw on. What kind of topics can you expect to read about here? We'll talk about applications of Simulink in controls, signal processing and communications system design. With your help, we'll talk about how Simulink is used in areas I don't even know about yet. We'll talk about Model-Based Design in general, and we'll get a peek at some of the internal machinery of Simulink.
Submitted: Feb 27, 2008
Inside the MATLAB Desktop  
Inside the MATLAB Desktop is written by the MATLAB Interface teams.
Submitted: Jan 25, 2008
tutorials, guides, and more
Submitted: Jan 25, 2008
Loren on the Art of MATLAB  
Loren Shure works on design of the MATLAB language at The MathWorks. She writes here about once a week on MATLAB programming and related topics.
Submitted: Jan 25, 2008
Steve on Image Processing  
Steve Eddins manages the Image & Geospatial development team at The MathWorks and coauthored Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB. He writes here about image processing concepts, algorithm implementations, and MATLAB.
Submitted: Jan 25, 2008
File Exchange Pick of the Week  
Bob, Brett, & Jiro share favorite user-contributed submissions from the File Exchange.
Submitted: Jan 25, 2008
Math News  
A online magazine about Math topics
Submitted: Dec 28, 2008
A few words about bits, equations and thoughts  
A blog on various topics relating to mathmatics and technology. Several very interesting posts about MATLAB, including a yahoo pipes aggregator for the MATLAB Central blogs.
Submitted: Mar 01, 2008
The Numerical Methods Guy  
This is a blog for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) undergraduates taking a course in Numerical Methods. The blog entries are generally motivated by questions that students ask me in class. My main motive is to explain some intricacies of numerical methods in plain English and non-acadamese language. Although this blog is not part of the current funded grant, bringing the blog to you would have been hard without the support of National Science Foundation and the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2009
MATLAB Packages for the NXT  
There are now several MATLAB packages for robotics, and specifically for the NXT. One paradigm is to run the code on a PC and have it communicate direct commands to the NXT Brick via Bluetooth or USB. The paradigm that I prefer to use is to write several programs that run on the brick.
Submitted: Mar 04, 2009
Writing from Matlab to Excel Using ActiveX  
On a project that I am doing for Toomre Capital Markets, I have needed to compare two versions of complicated financial model. One is written in Excel and the other in Matlab. The model uses over 150 different input variables, so it can be a challenge to make sure that essentially the same variables are passed to both models. Today, I modified one of the routines to use ActiveX to send data from Matlab to Excel. The process was not easy to figure out, but once I figured it out, it is extremely straightforward.
Submitted: Mar 04, 2009
Using Model-Based Design to Build the Tesla Roadster  
Tesla Motors used Model-Based Design to develop the first all-electric product sports car
Submitted: Jun 01, 2009
Teaching Digital Communication Theory with Simulink at Brigham Young University  
Students use MATLAB and Simulink to design and test digital modems and communication systems
Submitted: Jun 01, 2009
Undocumented Matlab  
This Blog is the fruit of passion. In close to 20 years of programming in a multitude of different programming languages and environments, I have found Matlab to be second to none in the depth, width and extent of its hidden niches.
Submitted: May 19, 2009

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