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Genetic algorithms

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MathWorks - Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox  
The Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox extends the optimization capabilities in MATLAB and the Optimization Toolbox with tools for using the genetic and direct search algorithms.
Submitted: Jan 23, 2004
Welcome to the main page of the Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox (GEATbx) for use with MATLAB. The GEATbx is the most comprehensive implementation of Evolutionary Algorithms in MATLAB. A broad range of operators is fully integrated into one environment constituting a powerful optimization tool applicable to a wide range of problems.
Submitted: Jul 10, 1999
Solver Platform SDK - Genetic Algorithm in MATLAB  
The Solver Platform SDK gives MATLAB users access to a powerful hybrid Evolutionary/Classical Solver that uses genetic algorithm methods such as mutation, crossover, selection and constraint repair, but also uses deterministic, gradient-free direct search methods, classical gradient-based quasi-Newton methods, and even the Simplex method for linear subsets of the constraints. This Solver handles optimization problems with hundreds of constraints, which are typically beyond the capabilities of genetic and evolutionary algorithms alone.
Submitted: Mar 26, 2006

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