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MATLAB for Men  
The aim of this site is to help MATLAB users to share their knowledge and find their answers quickly.
Submitted: Aug 08, 2004
Roy's MATLAB Resource  
A large source of code, in particular that of graphical user interfaces and image processing. There are also examples of documentation, outputs and references.
Submitted: Sep 10, 2004
Matlab Programming  
this link giving real time experienced programmes. which r very useful for new coming people.
Submitted: Apr 05, 2006
Matt Kawski's Personal MATLAB Resource  
This page provides various m-files for use in calculus, ODEs, linear algebra, PDEs, visualization and more.
Submitted: Mar 03, 2004
MATLAB Depot  
Various m-files, including: dig.m- Find the strongly connected components of the directed graph of a matrix. frob.m- Use dig.m to find the Frobenius normal form of a matrix. rtour.m- Generate a "random" tournament matrix. schurc.m- Find a Schur complement. ppt.m- Find the Principal Pivot Transform of matrix relative to a principal submatrix. digit.m- Given a positive integer k in decimal form, find vectors d, b, whose entries are the digits of the decimal or binary representation, respectively, of k. hmat.m- Find, if possible, a diagonal matrix D such that AD is strictly row diagonally dominant.
Submitted: Aug 27, 1999
The webring helping MATLAB and The MathWorks related web sites to exchange visitors
Submitted: May 11, 2000
Matlab References  
WWW References, Tutorials and Introductions.
Submitted: Oct 14, 1998
Víctor Domínguez homepage  
Victor Domínguez is assistant Professor in the Public University of Navarre, Spain. Department of Mathematics and Computing. A very good page about a great teacher.
Submitted: Mar 30, 2005
Non-Linear Optimization Codes  
Some Educational Optimization Codes from very beginning to advanced, Including Bisection and Secant Method, Newton and Modified Newton, and Caushy marquardt methods for multivariable functions
Submitted: Oct 03, 2005
David Carey's MATLAB Page  
I have used MATLAB to find the energy levels of rare earth ions in different coordinations using the Steven's Operator Equivalent method and also to determine the principal g-values of a g-tensor in electron paramagnetic resonance (ESR/EPR). This page provides links to useful MATLAB resources.
Submitted: Mar 03, 2004
geodesy matlab code JR Clynch  
A set of matlab about 100 routines covering topics of Atmospheric Propagation Geodesy, Math, General Satellite Routines, General Utility Routines. Used in research and teaching. A list of all software and short description is on the page.
Submitted: May 15, 2006
DSK Author's page (Russian)  
Author's articles concerning Simulink and SimPowerSystems solutions. SimPowerSystems Help by russian.
Submitted: Feb 10, 2006
Tamara G. Kolda  
Tamara G. Kolda (aka Tammy Kolda) has been with the Computational Sciences and Mathematics Research department at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California since 1999. She was promoted to Principal Member of Technical Staff in 2002, and she received a 2003 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) in recognition of her innovative research in algorithms and software for scientific computing, optimization, parallel computing and nonlinear solvers.
Submitted: Jun 15, 2005
Research&Study Forum(ÑÐѧÂÛ̳)  
MATLAB Application in Science and Technology.
Submitted: Dec 03, 2007
Varios types of subjetcs will be able to download in this link, from numerical analysis, passing throw espatial econometrics, stochastics differential equations and much more
Submitted: Jul 09, 2006

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