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Physics M-files  
User contributed physics m-files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange.
Submitted: Apr 18, 2000
L. Kocbach: MATLAB in Physics  
Matlab in Physics Teaching
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
Physical Modeling  
Accelerate system-level analysis and control design with accurate and intuitive models of your physical system

The design of engineering systems requires tight integration of many engineering disciplines. To be successful, teams of engineers must collaborate using a wide array of diverse technologies. Software, in the form of control algorithms and signal processing algorithms, plays an ever increasing role in these systems. Developing software alongside the physical system results in optimized designs and the detection of errors earlier in the design process.

Submitted: Mar 19, 2008
Grating Diffraction Calculator (GD-Calc™)  
GD-Calc, the Grating Diffraction Calculator, computes optical diffraction efficiencies of biperiodic grating structures comprising linear, isotropic, and non-magnetic optical media, based on a generalized variant of rigorous coupled-wave (RCW) diffraction theory. Engineers, scientific programmers, researchers, and students with an interest in optics will find GD-Calc and the accompanying documentation to be a very useful resource for diffraction grating analysis.
Submitted: Sep 23, 2005
Users of OSLO can simulate and optimize the performance of a wide range of optical systems by using OSLO's design features which help to determine the optimum size, shape and location of the individual optical components in a system.
Submitted: Oct 07, 2004
Dielectric Resonator  
Solver for an isolated dielectric resonator.
Submitted: Mar 18, 2005
Problems for MATLAB Fundamentals  
Wind chill calculation and non-ideal gas problems from Gustavus Adolphus College.
Submitted: Jun 07, 2005
Solve solid body rotation problem. [A,b] = ROTSOLVE(R1,R2) solves the matrix equation A*R1 + b(:,[1 1 1]) = R2, where A is a 3 by 3 rotation matrix for which: inv(A)=A', b is a 3 by 1 vector (translation),and R1 and R2 are 3 by 3 matrices of initial and final coordinates of 3 points (a,b,c) of a solid body.
Submitted: Jul 18, 1999
Viscosity of Water and Silicon Oil  
Kinematic viscosities of pure water and Rhodorsil 47 silicon oils as a function of temperature.
Submitted: Oct 06, 2005
TIP - Toolbox for Identification of the Physical Parameters of Linear Multibody Systems, by Thorsten Schmidt.
Submitted: Jul 19, 1999
OMD For Simulink  
OMD is a multibody dynamics tool for modeling mechanical system. OMD can handle three dimensional models and is built using Kane's method of recursive generalized coordinates, which makes it fast. OMD has been embedded in Simulink to leverage the capabilities of this ubiquitous engineering tool. OMD was partially written in Python, so that is a requirement.
Submitted: Sep 30, 2008

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