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MathWorks - Real-Time Windows Target  
Real-Time Windows Target enables you to run Simulink and Stateflow models in real time on your desktop or laptop PC.
Submitted: May 06, 2001
MathWorks - Real-Time Workshop  
Real-Time Workshop® complements Simulink® and Stateflow® by providing automatic C code generation directly from Simulink models. Real-Time Workshop supports the execution of dynamic system models on a wide range of computer platforms, including real-time hardware, to allow real-time simulation, rapid prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation of embedded real-time systems. With Real-Time Workshop, you can quickly generate C code for discrete-time and hybrid systems, including systems containing triggered and enabled subsystems. You can also generate code for finite state machines modeled in Stateflow using Real-Time Workshop and Stateflow Coder.
Submitted: Jul 09, 1999
MathWorks - Embedded Target for Motorola® HC12  
The Embedded Target for Motorola® HC12 lets you deploy production code generated from Real-Time Workshop® Embedded Coder directly onto the HC12 microcontroller.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2003
MathWorks - Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder  
Extends Real-Time Workshop to provide high-quality embeddable code generation for Simulink models and enables production code generation from Stateflow (using Stateflow Coder) and for Ada (using Real-Time Workshop Ada Coder).
Submitted: Nov 16, 2000
MathWorks - Embedded Target for Motorola® MPC555  
The Embedded Target for Motorola® MPC555 lets you deploy production code generated from Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder directly onto the MPC555 microcontroller.
Submitted: Nov 16, 2000
MathWorks - Embedded Target for Infineon C166® Microcontrollers  
The Embedded Target for Infineon C166® Microcontrollers lets you execute code in real time on the Infineon C166® and the ST Microelectronics ST10® family of microcontrollers for on target rapid prototyping, production deployment of embedded applications, or validation and performance analysis.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2003
MathWorks - xPC Target Embedded Option  
Control system and digital signal processing applications are often developed for use in production where a limited number of deployed systems are required. Whether deploying one or one hundred systems, the xPC Target Embedded Option provides a convenient approach that enables you to design your system on low-cost PC hardware equipped with either Intel® or AMD processors (386/486 or higher).
Submitted: Oct 24, 2003
MathWorks - Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX®  
The Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX® lets you create applications for the OSEK/VDX real-time operating system environment from your Simulink® models.
Submitted: Oct 24, 2003
Developing Embedded Targets for Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder  
This document guides you in the development of a custom embedded target for use with Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder. An embedded target generates applications from Simulink (and Stateflow) models. Depending on the design of your target, generated applications can be either standalone (requiring no external operating system) or can interface to an existing real-time operating system.
Submitted: Dec 15, 2003
M2PLC - MATLAB and Simulink algorithms in a programmable logic controller (PLC)  
The M2PLC extends PLC functionality with new data processing algorithms by enabling you to use Simulink as a modeling environment and transfer those algorithms to the PLC. Simulink graphical blocks make design of control and data processing algorithms fast and easy. Logic blocks, FSMs, neural network blocks, filters, and different structure controllers can be developed and translated to C code using Real-Time Workshop. M2PLC automatically generates PLC executable files from the Real-Time Workshop generated code, which become blocks in a PLC ladder diagram folder.
Submitted: Apr 05, 2000
Digital Servo Workshop - Real-time environment for digital controller design and testing  
The system comprises a mechanical unit, a digital unit, and software. At the heart of the software is a real-time kernel working under Windows, which handles data transfer between MATLAB and the servo system. MATLAB M-files are provided that allow the user to perform the assignments in the Teaching Manual. Each file is detailed in the Reference Guide and users can combine files to produce their own programs or the files themselves can be tailored to the user's requirements. The Teaching Manual covers model development, identification methods, multivariable control design, and PID, LQ, and time-optimal controller design. Application Areas: Computer system peripherals; Control system design/analysis; Electronics; Mechanics/compression systems; Optics; Research; Satellite design; Utilities.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
RT Blockset  
Introduction to the RT Blockset, how it works for Simulink, and examples of how it may be useful.
Submitted: Jun 06, 2005
RT-LAB - Automatic implementation of Simulink block diagrams on multi-processor systems  
RT-LAB products allow a user to automatically separate, compile, and integrate Simulink block diagram models into a distributed real-time system. RT-LAB simulates in real-time highly complex control systems from a simple Simulink block diagram. The user simply divides the Simulink block diagram into sub-systems which will later be assigned to specific real-time nodes (running QNX RTOS) or to the Windows NT station for the user interface. All nodes work in parallel for maximum speed and efficiency. RT-LAB separates and compiles the C code initially generated by Real-time Workshop and then maps the object codes on the respective CPUs. It challenges the real-time market, targeting the two main applications: rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulation.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Embedded Target for dsPIC - A MATLAB toolbox for real-time control of dsPIC microcontrollers  
Embedded Target for dsPIC is a MATLAB toolbox for real-time control on dsPIC (30f and soon 33F and 24) microcontrollers. A simulink diagram can be built for dsPIC target with a one push button Using MathWork’s Real-Time Workshop. A number of serial communication blocks and a custom made protocol allow real-time exchange and data monitoring of data from the target (dsPIC) and the PC. These blocks can be used to monitor process data as well as for on-line tuning of parameters. This toobox requires Matalb 2006 and the GCC C compiler for dsPIC (a demonstration version for student is available on the microchip website).
Submitted: Apr 03, 2007
WinCon is a realtime Windows 95/98 application that runs Simulink generated code using Real-Time Workshop on a PC. Real-Time Hardware control is now within your grasp without a DSP! WinCon consists of a client and server component referred to as WinCon W95Client and WinCon W95Server. Amongst many possible configurations , WinCon 3.0 can communicate via the Internet allowing you to download controllers anywhere in the world and control them remotely! You can change controller parameters on the fly while the controller runs. You can plot realtime data and save it straight into the MATLAB workspace or to file.
Submitted: Mar 13, 1998
TrueTime: Simulation of Networked and Embedded Systems  
TrueTime is a MATLAB/Simulink-based simulator for networked and embedded control systems. It facilitates co-simulation of plant dynamics, control tasks, real-time kernels, and communication networks.
Submitted: Sep 25, 2006
Controller Style Guidelines for Product Intent Development using MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow  
Modeling guidelines from the MATLAB Automotive Advisory Board.
Submitted: Dec 15, 2003
SignalMaster- Rapid prototyping for embedded DSP systems  
The SignalMaster combines programmable DSP and reprogrammable hard-wired FPGA technologies with various real-time I/O interfaces to offer a flexible open architecture for emulating DSP-based systems. It can initially be used as a development platform for prototyping under host computer control, allowing you to test DSP algorithms in actual time while custom hardware is being developed. Later in the development process, SignalMaster can also operate as an independent prototype and be used as an OEM product. This standalone technology provides you with a direct link between product development and the market, reducing both time and investment. When teamed with high-level design tools such as MATLAB, the SignalMaster allows you to quickly implement and validate DSP algorithms on a real-time platform.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
A Simulink target for real-time control using Freescale MC9S12 microcontrollers  
RTMC9S12-Target is a MATLAB/Simulink block-set for real-time control on Freescale MC9S12 microcontrollers. This contribution opens the door to inexpensive rapid prototyping of real-time control systems on MC9S12DP256 based hardware. A Simulink block diagram is translated into C-code using MathWorks’ Real-Time Workshop and Embedded Coder. The present version of this toolbox has been developed and tested on MATLAB V6.5.1 (R13.1). The builder calls upon Metrowerks' CodeWarrior to compile the generated C-code into a real-time executable file which can be downloaded into the Flash ROM of the chip. Presently, Wytec's Dragon-12 as well as the slightly smaller MiniDragon+ development boards are supported. Adaptations to other MC9S12DP256B/C based target boards should be straight forward
Submitted: Nov 14, 2005
Real-Time Interface RTI - Simulink and RTW interface plus multiprocessor option  
dSPACE's Real-Time Interface (RTI) provides the software to completely integrate dSPACE hardware with Simulink and Real-Time Workshop. All I/O specifications for real-time implementation can be defined within the Simulink environment. RTI modifies the code generated by Real-Time Workshop according to these I/O specs and processes it to load the DSP system automatically. Supported by RTI, block-diagram parameters in the real-time program can be changed through Simulink's external simulation facility without regenerating code.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
MULTI® Integrated Development Environment - Software development tools for embedded applications  
The MULTI Integrated Development Environment is a complete environment for embedded applications. MULTI supports remote debugging for a variety of target environments. MULTI provides a direct graphical interface with all Green Hills Software compilers and supports multi-language development and debugging. MULTI consists of a project builder, source level debugger, performance profiler, run-time error checker, graphical browser, text editor, and a version control system. Green Hills' optimizing C, C++, EC++, Ada 95 and Fortran compilers produce high-quality code. Code written in different languages can be mixed into a single executable. These highly optimizing compilers use the same global optimizer and code generator. Code may be optimized for maximum speed or for minimum code size on a module-by-module basis and even at the function level.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
en-DYNA - Engine dynamics DYNA®ware  
en-DYNA provides real-time simulation of combustion engines. The generic modules of the en-DYNA library allow model configuration for the simulation of conventional SI engines in the driving or test bed operation. Because the cylinder selective engine torque calculation is synchronized to crank angle, you can test OBD-II controllers and analyze engine speed ripple in the HIL test bed.
Submitted: Jan 02, 2001
RT-CON - Rapid connection to measurement and control systems  
The RT-CON software enables you to develop real-time applications directly from Simulink models. MATLAB is used as the graphical front-end. The MATLAB GUI and special S-function give you flexibility to view and change signals and parameters. Special extensions for Simulink and Real-Time Workshop help to build real-time applications for the Windows 95/98 and Windows NT operating systems. To obtain full functionality, use an RT-DAC multi I/O board with RT-CON as it provides an interface to digital and analog signals.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
StethoScope - Real-time tool for VxWorks targets and Real-Time Workshop  
StethoScope is a real-time graphical monitoring, performance analysis, and data collection tool for VxWorks. Use it to watch your Real-Time Workshop/VxWorks target program variables evolve in real time; any value in memory can be monitored. Use StethoScope's flexible triggering modes to collect the data you need. Save it for later comparisons or export it to engineering analysis tools such as MATLAB. Each data set is time stamped, labeled with signal names and units, and accompanied by user notes. Other powerful features include on-screen measurements and annotation, PostScript output, "X vs. Y" plots, derived signal calculations, and more.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
HERON DSP6000 Series - Real-Time Workshop supported controller boards based on TMS320C31/44 DSPs  
The HERON DSP6000 Series provides a low-cost solution for a wide range of I/O and DSP applications through the use of modularization. The HERON Series is an ISA Bus intelligent controller board employing TI's TMS320C31/44 DSP complete with on-board analog and digital I/O interfaces and boot-from-ROM capability. Further interface expansion is available through the I/O extension board, which supports a variety of submodules. This makes the HERON Series an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. Application Areas: Automotive; Control system design/analysis; Data analysis/modeling; Electronics; Materials research; Measurement instrumentation; Medical care/research; Optics; Real-time systems; System identification.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Link-RT Interface for Real-Time Workshop - Interface supports DSP boards  
Providing the catalyst for real-time application of Simulink, Link­RT from Loughborough Sound images (LSI) provides an interface between Simulink and some of LSI's portfolio of DSP products. Link-RT allows Simulink applications to be seamlessly implemented in real time on products such as the PC/C32 single processor DSP board--providing an effortless transition from simulation to real-time application. Link-RT benefits from LSI's modular approach to I/O, allowing flexibility in interfacing to analog signals. This makes Link-RT invaluable in applications such as instrumentation, audio, and other signal processing intensive areas. Application Areas: Automotive; Data acquisition; Data analysis/modeling; Electronics; Materials research; Medical care/research; Motion control/robotics; Real-time systems; Satellite design.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
SignalCalc ACE, 430, and 620 Dynamic Signal Analyzers - Data Physics Corporation  
Data Physics offers three products in the SignalCalc Studio family of dynamic signal analyzers. SignalCalc 620 Dynamic Signal Analyzer unites high-speed, industry-standard HP VXI digital signal processing hardware with Data Physics measurement, analysis, and user interface software providing a superior measuring instrument for up to 128 channels. SignalCalc 430 Dynamic Signal Analyzer uses modular DSP hardware controlled by Data Physics measurement, analysis, and user interface software, resulting in a superior portable instrument with up to 16 channels. SignalCalc ACE transforms any PCMCIA-capable notebook into a precision dynamic signal analyzer that can travel with you in a shirt pocket and work without line power when necessary.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
ADSP32X-39/89 I/O Library - Device drivers for ADSP32X-00/50 DSP board  
ADSP32X-39/89 is a Simulink I/O library for the ADSP32X-00/50 DSP board. The library provides device drivers for the ADSP32X-00/50 I/O, including 12-bit A/D and D/A, 16-bit A/D and D/A, counter, TTL-level digital input/output, and optical isolated digital input/output. You can use these input/output blocks in Simulink model diagrams and real-time modules generated by Real-Time Workshop. A Real-Time Monitor program is included that controls the start/stop real-time module on the DSP and monitors I/O status, scopes, and variables at runtime.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Genix - Signal Conditioning System - Software-configurable signal conditioning system for HIL systems  
Genix, developed by add2 Limited, is a modular multi-channel generic interface offering up to 3,000 channels of flexible signal conditioning. Using a Windows setup screen, each channel can be fully configured (analog or digital, input or output) with selectable gain, signal levels, and loading. Genix eliminates the delay incurred when custom signal conditioning is required to match real world voltages and currents to the low level signals of computer based testing devices. Application Areas: Aerospace; Automotive; Control system design/analysis; Data acquisition; Electronics; HIL simulation; Hydraulics/pneumatics; Rapid prototyping; Satellite design; Thermodynamics.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
ADI System Integration Services - Specializing in system engineering services  
ADI's System Integration Services (SIS) offers a broad range of system engineering services to help users of Simulink and Real-Time Workshop develop real-time, hardware-in-the-loop simulations.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Tips for Fixed-Point Modeling and Code Generation  
These tips are the result of the combined expertise of experienced MathWorks developers interacting with MathWorks customers. The systematic application of these tips, where recommended, will produce optimum code.
Submitted: Dec 15, 2003
Introduction to Real-Time Workshop  
Learn how to quickly generate C/C++ code for rapid prototyping or hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing using Simulink®, Stateflow®, and Embedded MATLAB™.
Submitted: May 19, 2008
Introduction to Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder  
Learn about automatic code generation for embedded systems requiring production code efficiency and quality. Based on Introduction to Real-Time Workshop video.
Submitted: May 19, 2008
RTOS Simulator  
This model uses SimEvents as a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) simulator. The model demonstrates the scheduling and execution of tasks in a multitasking operating system. It not only illustrates the aspect of task preemption but also shows how to simulate the prioritization of the time-critical and non-time-critical parts of a process using dependent tasks.
Submitted: Mar 10, 2010

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