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XCP Protocol for ECU Measurement and Calibration
Learn how to perform measurement and calibration tasks using XCP protocol from MATLAB and Simulink.
Picoscope Support - Instrument Control Toolbox
Learn how to use MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox to interface with your PicoScope hardware. Analyze and visualize the data acquired from your PicoScope 2000 and 3000 Series oscilloscopes and automate your testing tasks.
Submitted: April 9, 2013
GPIB Software - Instrument Control Toolbox
MATLAB and Simulink support GPIB communication through Instrument Control Toolbox. Once data is in MATLAB, you can analyze and visualize that data for tasks such as signal processing, statistical analysis, digital filtering, and curve fitting.
Submitted: November 7, 2011
LXI Software - Instrument Control Toolbox
MATLAB supports communication with any LXI-compliant instrument through Instrument Control Toolbox. Once data is in MATLAB, you can analyze and visualize the data for analysis tasks such as signal processing, statistical analysis, digital filtering, and curve fitting.
Submitted: November 7, 2011
Vehicle Network Toolbox - Supported CAN Interface Hardware
Communicate with in-vehicle networks via CAN bus directly from MATLAB or Simulink using supported CAN interface hardware from manufacturers susch as Vector, Kvaser, and NI.
Submitted: November 7, 2011
CAN Network Communication
Learn how to send and receive data from a CAN network using MATLAB and Simulink. Resources include examples and documentation on data transfer over CAN bus.
Submitted: October 18, 2011
Data Acquisition System Development with MATLAB
Learn how to build a data acquisition system using MATLAB. Resources include examples and documentation.
Submitted: October 18, 2011
MathWorks - Data Acquisition Toolbox  
The Data Acquisition Toolbox provides a complete set of tools for controlling and communicating with a variety of off-the-shelf, PC-compatible data acquisition hardware. The toolbox lets you configure your external hardware devices, read data into MATLAB for analysis, or send data out.
Submitted: Jul 13, 1999
MathWorks - Instrument Control Toolbox  
Provides features for communicating with data acquisition devices and instruments, such as spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, and function generators. Support is provided for GPIB (IEEE-488, HPIB) and VISA communication protocols. You can generate data in MATLAB to send out to an instrument or read data into MATLAB for analysis and visualization.
Submitted: Nov 16, 2000
Free Online MathWorks Seminar: Acquire, Analyze, and Visualize Data in MATLAB  
During this Web-based seminar, the MathWorks will discuss and demonstrate how to analyze and visualize data that is acquired directly into MATLAB. Learn how to connect MATLAB to hardware such as data acquisition boards, oscilloscopes, function generations, and signal analyzers. The discussion will include capabilities of the core MATLAB package, along with additional capabilities provided by the Signal Processing Toolbox, Data Acquisition Toolbox, Instrument Control Toolbox, and Filter Design Toolbox. See how to design a digital filter in MATLAB and develop a GUI-based application incorporating live data.
Submitted: Jun 22, 2006
Test and Measurement M-files  
Test and measurement m-files from the MATLAB Central File Exchange. Categories include DAQ applications, instrument applications and hardware interfaces.
Submitted: Jul 22, 2002
Graphical User Interface (GUI) program using MATLAB for sensor based analytical instruments (e.g. electronic nose/tongue)  
As a consequence, a new approach for modelling sensor based data using an automated data analysis software package - SENSABLE - has been developed. This program combines several traditional pre-processing techniques and advanced chemometric models to give the most efficient analysis of data using a power tool as MATLAB.
Submitted: Mar 30, 2005
Real Time Toolbox Simulink Extension - Real-time and data acquisition interface to Simulink  
The Real Time Toolbox Simulink Extension offers a Simulink library of real-time blocks which turn Simulink into a real-time simulation environment. This extension includes input, output, and other special blocks that enable you to create real-time data acquisition, signal processing, and control applications easily without any additional software. It supports sampling rates up to 2kHz and all Simulink functionality. Drivers for many industry-standard data acquisition cards available; no low-level programming needed.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
MultiSensors Toolbox  
Multi-Sensors® is a Matlab-based toolbox that allows the processing of data coming from a system of different sensors. It provides a very easy way to handle data: the user only has to click on one or many data curves, perform different types of processing and immediately see the result. Multi-Sensors® can also be used as a matrix viewer, image processing tool and in other tasks. On the other hand, since sensors data can be processed at the same time, relations between data issued from different sensors can be exploited, thus helping to reveal the physical phenomena of interest. This is the principal advantage of this toolbox.
Submitted: Jul 19, 1999
Using MATLAB with GPIB, RS-232, TCP/IP, UDP and VISA  
MATLAB and Simulink support GPIB, RS-232 (serial), TCP/IP, UDP, and VISA through the Instrument Control Toolbox.
Submitted: Jun 22, 2006
MTRACE - Real-time data acquisition directly from MATLAB  
dSPACE's MTRACE offers real-time data recording capabilities, callable directly from MATLAB. As a data collection tool for use with Simulink and Real-Time Workshop, MTRACE enables users to program the entire data collection process with M-files using a packaged set of MEX-file commands. MTRACE is specifically designed for logging large amounts of data over long periods, and is required for real-time data collection for online parameter tuning by MATLAB.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
CANbus Toolset - CAN bus access tools for use with Simulink on PCs  
The CANbus Toolset lets you access, influence, and monitor the data flow on the CAN bus directly from Simulink and in real time. Based on easy-to-use CAN bus read and write blocks, the CANbus Toolset blocks integrate into Simulink in the same way as standard Simulink library blocks. The CANbus Toolset may be used for various development tasks such as the monitoring of physical signals available on the CAN bus, algorithm development, system identification, control design and test, all live while sitting in the car. It may also be used within the development chain as an on-the-road verified specification of new microcontroller functionality and for function prototyping. Application Areas: Automotive; Control system design/analysis; Data acquisition; Hydraulics/pneumatics; Optics; Real-time systems; Satellite design; System identification; Thermodynamics.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Quickcam MEX frame server/client.
Submitted: Jul 11, 1999
MT9 Inertial 3-D Motion Tracker  
The MT9 is a miniature inertial measurement unit that measures 3-D rate-of-turn, acceleration, and earth-magnetic field, available with RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2004
Import radar (Ramac-PulsEkko-GSSI) data in MATLAB  
Tools for reading georadar data.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2003
TekVISA - A MATLAB Interface to Integrate Data Acquisition and Analysis on Tektronix Oscilloscopes  
TekVISA is an implementation of the industry-standard VISA API on the Tektronix Windows-based oscilloscopes. The Open Windows desktop on Tektronix high-end oscilloscopes allows users to put standard Windows applications directly on the instrument. Utilizing this Open Windows desktop and TekVISA, MATLAB now has the ability to communicate with the oscilloscope directly from within the oscilloscope. TekVISA allows the oscilloscope to look like a standard device connected to the computer through a GPIB interface. MATLAB and the Instrument Control Toolbox allow the user to send commands to the instrument with TekVISA to automate the process of data collection, setup, and any other functionality available to the device.
Submitted: Apr 05, 2000
MATLAB Based Acquisition and Analysis Software - Custom MATLAB software for engineering and manufacturing  
Software Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) develops specifications and complete architecture for real-time industrial test, measurement, control, and vibration analysis systems, as well as for hardware integration, software design, development, documentation, and system maintenance. SEA has been developing applications for the automotive, farm equipment, material handling, and other industries since 1985.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
OPC Toolbox  
The OPC Toolbox extends the MATLAB technical computing environment with tools for interacting with OPC servers. You can read, write, and log OPC data from devices that support the OPC Foundation Data Access standard, such as distributed control systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and programmable logic controllers.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2004
Signalogic MATLAB Interface  
MATLAB Knows DSP/Data Acq. Hardware: DSPower-HWLib software from Signalogic provides direct access from the MATLAB workspace to more than 80 types of off-the-shelf DSP/data acquisition boards. DSPower-HWLib augments the popular MATLAB technical computing software package with DSP and data acquisition hardware functions. MATLAB users now have three (3) major capabilities not possible before: a) bring real-world data directly into their simulations, b) accelerate or move simulation segments into real-time, and c) use MATLAB as a user-interface or GUI for hardware-based instrumentation and measurement functions.
Submitted: Jul 13, 1999
Agilent VEE Pro  
The Agilent VEE software family offers an easy graphical programming environment that ensures fast measurement analysis results. Agilent VEE Pro is intended for large programs with more than one development engineer. It handles day-to-day programming tasks in instrument control, measurement processing, and test reporting. It simplifies test development with enhancements for system integration, debugging, structured program design, and documentation. VEE automates instrument configuration, accelerates the creation of operator interfaces, streamlines test sequencing, and simplifies application development and program enablement across the Internet.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
Units - units measurement, conversion, computation, Units toolbox for Matlab  
Units toolbox (umat http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/loadFile.do?objectId=246&objectType=file)featured also in Matlab File exchange is used for measurement, conversion and computation with SI units and their derivatives. Developers created a dedicated website for programming changes tracking and collaboration based on trac and subversion.
Submitted: Dec 13, 2006
RT-Eye™ Serial Data Analysis Package  
TDS RT-Eye software (RTE Option) for TDS6000(B) and TDS/CSA7000(B) oscilloscopes provides high-speed serial data compliance and analysis for 8B/10B encoded copper standards such as PCI Express, Serial ATA, XAUI, FibreChannel, and Rapid I/O.
Submitted: Oct 07, 2004
Data acquisition into Simulink  
Acquire live data directly into Simulink models using Simulink blocks provided by the Data Acquisition Toolbox. Requires R2006b or later.
Submitted: Sep 01, 2006
CoMET - Hardware/software/mechanical system engineering toolset  
CoMET is a co-design tool that supports hardware/software co-design, co-simulation, and co-verification. The software co-simulation speed of a CoMET Virtual Processor Model (VPM) is 200 million instructions per second. CoMET runs with Verilog or VHDL simulators and maintains absolutely accurate timing across the hardware/software boundary. CoMET is built to support the coding of applications and operating systems in C or assembly code and to execute many millions of software instructions in embedded and/or multiple-CPU environments, while developing application-specific hardware in Verilog or VHDL. CoMET is a true, fast-iteration, virtual prototyping tool. Application Areas: Application development; Communications; Computer system peripherals; Electronics; Machine vision; Satellite design; Signal processing; Simulation; System identification.
Submitted: Jan 02, 1998
DAPtools for MATLAB - Data Acquisition Processor™ Interface  
Microstar Laboratories™ manufactures add-in boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition and control. Every board has its own processor and operating system. Onboard intelligence allows high-speed I/O, transparent expansion, and real-time processing including DSP and network access all free from PC-induced delays. DAPtools for MATLAB allow a user to communicate with a Data Acquisition Processor using the MATLAB programming environment. It integrates the processing power of a Data Acquisition Processor with the powerful technical computing environment of MATLAB. Application Areas: Data acquisition; Global Positioning Systems; Hydraulics/pneumatics; Materials research; Optics; Real-time systems; Satellite design; Thermodynamics.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Hewlett-Packard MATLAB Interface to VXI Hardware - Control standards based HP VXI hardware for high performance, multichannel measurement  
Hewlett-Packard's MATLAB Interface to VXI hardware enables a customer familiar with MATLAB to setup and control HP VXI multi-channel measurement hardware consisting of HP E1432A (16 channel 51.2 kSa/s/channel Digitizer with DSP), HP E1433A (8 channel 196 kSa/s/ch Digitizer with DSP) and HP E1434A (4 channel 65 kSa/s Arbitrary source). Typical customers perform multi-channel measurements dealing with noise, vibration and general purpose data acquisition systems. MATLAB provides the flexible data analysis tools that are typically needed in online measurement and analysis systems. These needs have been met in the past with expensive third-party turn key software packages or with low channel count instruments.
Submitted: Apr 05, 2000
System II DSP Data Acquisition and Signal Processing System - Modular system for experimental design and control  
System II is a sophisticated digital signal processing platform designed specifically for scientific research. It provides a complete, integrated workstation with high performance analog I/O for signal acquisition, playback, and conditioning. Modules are included for real-time signal switching, signal mixing, programmable filtering, and timing. With the flexible modular design of System II and more than 30 components to choose from, you can easily configure a system that fits your application.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
ADwin, ADwin light, and ADwin-Pro - Intelligent data acquisition with microsecond reaction time  
ADwin systems, used in test stand applications, are designed for fast real-time applications with reaction times guaranteed to be less than one microsecond. Typical test stands for ADwin systems include vibration, engines, gears, breaks, and break pedals. All ADwin systems are expandable, with even the smallest ADwin system capable of data acquisition, signal generation, control, digital I/O control, and online evaluation, with guaranteed real-time accuracy. Application Areas: Data acquisition; Global Positioning Systems; Real-time systems; Satellite design; Simulation.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
DAPtools for MATLAB allows a user to communicate with a Data Acquisition Processor using the MATLAB programming environment. It integrates the processing power of a Data Acquisition Processor with the powerful technical computing environment of MATLAB. MATLAB performs high-level numeric computation and visualization of data sets. DAPtools for MATLAB allows acquired and processed data from a Data Acquisition Processor to be further manipulated and molded under MATLAB. This extends the capabilities of data manipulation to suit the specific requirements of an application.
Submitted: Oct 26, 1999
Model 990 Data Acquisition/Waveform Generator - High speed, deep memory data acquisition and waveform generation and analysis  
The Model 990 is an extremely versatile tool that provides the link between simulation and test. The Model 990 controller combines the power of MATLAB and the power of the Model 990 hardware. The controller provides a simple command to control the unit from the MATLAB environment. The controller includes the acquisition or "snapshot" of data into Model 990 memory, which can be written into a MATLAB vector. Once the snapshot data is brought into the MATLAB environment, the user can take advantage of MATLAB's processing and graphical capabilities. MATLAB generated data can also be loaded into the "playback" memory of Model 990. The data can then, in real time, be played out on digital or analog output port serving as a highly flexible, custom test signal generator.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Calibration Toolbox - Software for channel selection  
The Calibration Toolbox automatically selects wavelengths/channels for spectral calibrations. Using different algorithms, the analyst can determine the most important channels in calibrating an instrument for an univariate input. This toolbox must be used in conjunction with the Statistics Toolbox from The MathWorks and may be used with the PLS_Toolbox from Eigenvector Research, Inc. A shareware version of the Calibration Toolbox is available for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms from Texas Environmental Software Solutions. Application Areas: Chemical; Data acquisition; Data analysis/modeling; Environmental studies; Motion control/robotics; Pharmaceutical; Power systems/generation; Thermodynamics.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000
Leading manufacturer of control systems laboratory educational products, and MATLAB compatible data acquisition boards for PCI bus.
Submitted: Apr 15, 2003
testingsolutions - MATLAB Solutions and Consulting  
testingsolutions has an outstanding experience in the field of data processing, data analysis and simulation for the automotive and aerospace industry. Besides various software products, testingsolutions also offers consulting and training for MATLAB and Simulink.
Submitted: Sep 07, 2005
RC Electronics Instrumentation Manufacturer  
Electronics has been developing innovative test and measurement systems since 1981. Originating as the inventor of high-speed data acquisition peripherals for PCs, we have expanded our technologies to include a broad range of complementary hardware and software products. Recorded data can be monitored in MATLAB in near real time and exported in MATLAB format.
Submitted: Mar 28, 2005
EZMex is a collection of functions for interfacing EZKit Lite from MATLAB/Simulink.
Submitted: Jan 09, 2000
Using MATLAB with IVI instruments  
MATLAB supports IVI instruments through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This web page describes IVI support in MATLAB and the benefits of using this toolbox for developing test systems with IVI instruments.
Submitted: Nov 18, 2006
Overview: GPIB communication in MATLAB  
MATLAB supports GPIB through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This web page provides an overview of how to use MATLAB to communicate with instruments like oscilloscopes and function generators over GPIB. Includes a downloadable MATLAB GPIB code example.
Submitted: Oct 20, 2006
Using MATLAB with M-Series hardware  
MATLAB supports M-Series data acquisition devices using the Data Acquisition Toolbox. Specifically, Data Acquisition Toolbox supports either the NI-DAQmx or Traditional NI-DAQ driver software from National Instruments. This web page describes the M-Series support in MATLAB and provides a downloadable code example for using MATLAB with M-Series hardware.
Submitted: Dec 26, 2006
Using MATLAB with LXI instruments  
MATLAB supports LXI instruments through the Instrument Control Toolbox. LXI is the LAN-based successor to GPIB, combines the advantages of Ethernet with the simplicity and familiarity of GPIB. This web page describes LXI support in MATLAB and the benefits of using this toolbox for developing LXI-based test systems.
Submitted: Nov 18, 2006
Using MATLAB with VXIplug&play instruments  
MATLAB supports VXIplug&play instruments through the Instrument Control Toolbox. This web page describes VXIplug&play support in MATLAB and the benefits of using this toolbox for developing test systems with VXIplug&play instruments. Note: VXIplug&play is sometimes referred to as VXI PnP, VXIpnp or simply PnP.
Submitted: Nov 18, 2006
MGCplus MEA-File Importer  
MGCplus is a multichannel DAQ system by HBM. Many transducers / sensors are supported. With MGCplus, measurement data can be stored on a PC card harddisk. The file formats are *.me* and *.sto. With the utilities, these files can be loaded into MATLAB. The import leads to structured variables. Channel names, time information, units, scaling information and much more is available. Only the 4-Byte-INT (Intel) format is supported.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2005
Catman File Importer for MATLAB  
After execution of the M-File catman_read, the content of binary catman DAQ files are available in MATLAB. Two structured variables (one with global content, one with DAQ data) are delivered by the M-File.
Submitted: Mar 29, 2005

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