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MATLAB Tutorials for Students  

The MathWorks interactive, video-based MATLAB? tutorial gets students up to speed in using MATLAB for homework and course projects.

MATLAB On-Ramp Tutorial (30 minutes)
Learn the basics of MATLAB in the context of using it as a powerful graphical calculator.
Tutorial 1 - Navigating the MATLAB Desktop (6:10)
Tutorial 2 - Using MATLAB as a Graphical Calculator (22:55)

MATLAB for Problem Solving Tutorial (60 minutes)
Tutorial 3 - Using MATLAB to Solve Problems (2:13)
Tutorial 4 - Importing and Extracting Data (13:06)
Tutorial 5 - Visualizing Data (10:55)
Tutorial 6 - Conducting Computational Analysis in MATLAB (12:33)
Tutorial 7 - Fitting Data to a Curve (6:42)
Tutorial 8 - Writing MATLAB Programs (9:29)
Tutorial 9 - Publishing MATLAB Programs (8:01)

MATLAB Channel on YouTube  
Visit the new MATLAB Channel on YouTube. Learn more about MATLAB® through this series of introductory and advanced tutorials.
Submitted: Mar 09, 2009
Modeling a Simple Communication Link  
In this video demonstration, we show how you can model a simple communication link using Simulink, Signal Processing Blockset™ and Communications Blockset™.
Submitted: May 30, 2008
MATLAB Resources at University of Wisconsin  
Jake Blanchard teachs Master of Engineering in Professional Practice (MEPP), a course on engineering problem solving as part of an online Masters degree program. It is designed to help practicing engineers enhance technical and management skills. This course uses Microsoft Excel and Matlab to build problem solving skills suitable for engineers. This site provides links to pdfs and videos
Submitted: Mar 04, 2009
Getting Started with Simulink Demo Video  
This video demo gets you started with Simulink. It takes you through many key concepts in building and simulating a model. We will build up a model from scratch while taking you through a number of features of Simulink.
Submitted: Apr 14, 2008
Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals  
Description: Topics covered in this course include: mathematical modeling of signals and systems; continuous and discrete signals, with applications to audio, images, video, communications, and control; state-based models, beginning with automata and evolving to LTI systems; and frequency domain models for signals and frequency response for systems, and sampling of continuous-time signals. A MATLAB-based laboratory is an integral part of the course.
Course material created by Professor Babak Ayazifar.
Target audience: Advanced undergraduate (3rd or 4th year)
Institution: UC Berkeley
Materials available: Videos
Products: MATLAB

Submitted: Jul 22, 2008
Videos Tutoriales de MATLAB  
Videos Tutoriales de MATLAB: GUIDE, Simulink y mas...
Submitted: May 24, 2008
Spacecraft Automated Landing System  
In this video demo, we model an automatic landing system for the HL-20, a spacecraft based on a specification from NASA.
Submitted: May 19, 2008
Refactoring with the MATLAB bundle  
Matt Foster's video on new commands to replace selections with variables. Great for converting hacky scripts to permanent functions. Currently only works on one line. Could be extended if there's any call for it.
Submitted: Mar 25, 2009
deploytool Tutorial  
The video tutorial shows how you can use DEPLOYTOOL to package, distribute and deploy your MATLAB applications.
Submitted: May 30, 2008
Videos Tutoriales de MATLAB  
Videos Tutoriales de MATLAB: GUIDE, Simulink y mas...
Submitted: May 24, 2008
Getting Started with Stateflow Video  
This video demonstration introduces Stateflow through a simple example of a logic controller that regulates the temperature of a plant. The demo also covers several key elements of Stateflow such as states, transitions, conditions and functions.
Submitted: May 28, 2008
Introduction to Code Verification with PolySpace Products  
In this video demonstration, we give a brief overview of the code verification process with the PolySpace products.
Submitted: May 28, 2008
Engineering topics on MATLAB by drjctu  
John Santiago (retired US Air Force, Ph.D.) and Professor of Electrical & Systems Engineering, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, Colorado is presenting a series of engineering topics and tutorials. Please check this channel as it will be updated frequently. These videos are in pre-production and will be replaced with the final versions. More videos on these and other topics can be found at http://www.FreedomUniversit...
Submitted: Mar 27, 2009

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