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PDESOL v2.0 is a new class of software for engineering and applied science, used to easily solve systems of partial differential equations.
Submitted: Mar 02, 1998
The "FInite DIfference SOLver/Cartesian Arbitrary Domain SOLver" is a program package for the solution of partial differential equations. 2- and 3-dimensional systems of elliptic (stationary) and parabolic (time-dependent) equations can be solved. The boundary conditions may be arbitrary. The solution method is the finite difference method. For the FIDISOL part the solution domain is restricted to be rectangular. For the CADSOL part the domain is body-oriented, i. e. logically rectangular. There are versions with an adaptive grid generation.
Submitted: Sep 23, 1999
Maple V Release 5 - Powerful technical computing  
Maple V Release 5 is a powerful interactive computer algebra system that provides a complete mathematical environment for the manipulation of symbolic algebraic expressions, arbitrary-precision numerics, graphics, and programming. Maple V's library features over 2,700 functions that are used in many scientific and engineering applications. For maximum flexibility, Maple V Release 5 contains a link to MATLAB, joining Maple V's symbolic power to MATLAB's numerical routines. Application Areas: Application development; Educational instruction; Financial analysis/modeling/services; Hydraulics/pneumatics; System identification; Utilities.
Submitted: Apr 07, 2000

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