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Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters  
This list catalogues freely available software for language tools, which includes the following: compilers, compiler generators, interpreters, translators, important libraries, assemblers, etc. -- things whose user interface is a language. Natural language processing tools may also be included. This list is primarily aimed at developers rather than researchers, and consists mainly of citations for production quality systems. There is some overlap of coverage between this document and other lists and catalogs. See the references section for a list...
Submitted: Apr 10, 1997
ObjectMath is a programming and modeling environment for object oriented mathematical modeling and generating efficient C++ or Fortran90 code for use in simulation applications, mostly (numerical, scientific) computing. This system partly automates the conventional approach of hand translation from mathematical models to numerical simulation code e.g. in Fortran. The ObjectMath language is an object oriented extension to the Mathematica computer algebra language, which provides mathematical notation and symbolic transformations.
Submitted: Sep 30, 1998
Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide  
This 320-page book, available for download, treats parsing in its own right, in greater depth than is found in most computer science and linguistics books. It offers a clear, accessible, and thorough discussion of many different parsing techniques with their interrelations and applicabilities, including error recovery techniques.
Submitted: Aug 07, 1999
Compilers and Compiler Generators  
This site provides an on-line edition of the text and other material from my book "Compilers and Compiler Generators - an introduction with C++", published in 1997 by International Thomson Computer Press.
Submitted: Jan 19, 2000
Compiler Connection  
A resource for compiler developers and those who use their products and services.
Submitted: Jun 16, 1999
ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition, (formerly PCCTS) is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing C++ or Java actions
Submitted: Jan 02, 2002
Compilers Publications  
A list of publications relating to compilers, such as: "Compiler and Runtime Support for Programming in Adaptive Parallel Environments", "Interprocedural Partial Redundancy Elimination and Its Application to Distributed Memory Compilation", and others.
Submitted: Jun 16, 1999
Software Techniques Inc.  
Software Techniques Parsing Tool is a software package that allows a user to retrieve data from any ASCII file easily and efficiently without the need to program complicated and time-consuming file I/O routines. STPT can be run as an executable or called from an ActiveX compliant language such as MATLAB, Visual Basic or C++.
Submitted: Jun 09, 2003
Mercury is a new logic/functional programming language, which combines the clarity and expressiveness of declarative programming with advanced static analysis and error detection features. Its highly optimized execution algorithm delivers efficiency far in excess of existing logic programming systems, and close to conventional programming systems. Mercury addresses the problems of large-scale program development, allowing modularity, separate compilation, and numerous optimization/time trade-offs.
Submitted: Jul 08, 1999
PCCTS Resources and "Notes for New Users"  
The PCCTS toolkit was written by Terence J. Parr of the MageLang Institute . His current project is antlr 2 - a complete redesign of pccts, written in Java, that generates Java or C++.
Submitted: Jun 14, 1999
The comp.compilers newsgroup  
Comp.compilers is a moderated usenet news group addressing the topics of compilers in particular and programming language design and implementation in general. It started in 1986 as a moderated mailing list, but interest quickly grew to the point where it was promoted to a news group. Recent topics have included optimization techniques, language design issues, announcements of new compiler tools, and book reviews.
Submitted: Mar 01, 1997

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