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Image Processing

Image Processing Fundamentals  
We will focus on the fundamental concepts of image processing. Space does not permit us to make more than a few introductory remarks about image analysis. Image understanding requires an approach that differs fundamentally from the theme of this book. Further, we will restrict ourselves to two-dimensional (2D) image processing although most of the concepts and techniques that are to be described can be extended easily to three or more dimensions.
Submitted: Nov 12, 1999
Computer Vision Source Code  
A list of various programs: Research Code, Image Processing Toolkits, Display Tools, Synthetic Data Generators, Mathematical Toolkits, and more...
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Pattern Recognition Information  
A page with various Pattern Recognition information links, including: Short description of the pattern recognition research area, The main journals and their TOC's, Conferences, Report Services, Special pages on pattern recognition related topics, Starting points for related research areas, and other links.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Center for Image Processing Research (CIPR)  
The Center for Image Processing Research (CIPR) was created in 1978 as a result of an original NSF award. The center has expanded since that time to become a distributed interactive workstation-based research environment. The main computing equipment is an array of SUN and HP workstations. The Center also contains a variety of recording and display equipment and is linked by ethernet and ATM networks. CIPR is mainly affiliated with the Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering(ECSE) Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Vista is a software environment for computer vision research. It is designed to support not only images, but also edge sets, camera models, and more complex data structures. Vista includes libraries of common computer vision and image processing algorithms. It is written in ANSI C, for UNIX platforms running X Windows, and it is freely available.
Submitted: Jul 07, 1999
Engauge Digitizer - Picture to number tool  
This free tool converts an image file showing a graph or map, into numbers. The image file can come from a scanner, digital camera or screenshot. The numbers can be read on the screen, and written or copied to a spreadsheet.
Submitted: Mar 11, 2003
Graphics File Format  
These pages contain specifications for various graphics file formats, along with a number of relevant graphics utilities, information, and URLs.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Khoral Research, Inc  
Khoral Research, Inc. (KRI) supplies innovative software and custom services to outstanding organizations worldwide. Khoros technology provides visual solutions to large scale software projects that require a variety of robust computational models.
Submitted: Feb 02, 1997

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