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NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions  
Undoubtedly you are familiar with the 1000-page compendium edited by Abramowitz and Stegun, Handbook of Mathematical Functions (with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables), first published by the National Bureau of Standards in 1964, last corrected in 1972, and still in print. A project is in the planning stage at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (as NBS was renamed in 1988) to develop a replacement for the Handbook. This will be a major new mathematical reference source on the World Wide Web for special functions and their applications.
Submitted: Jul 21, 1999
Reuse RKT  
Welcome to The Reuse RKT! This free access web site already links to more than 7000 of the most popular open source and free reusable software applications, functions, libraries, FAQs, and references, and is still growing (See "What's Here" for a rundown). The Reuse RKT smashes the biggest barrier to reuse: being unaware of what exists by delivering efficient awareness using the five "Rapid Knowledge Transfer" design principles, including full-text Search and links between related categories and subcategories.
Submitted: Jul 31, 1999
Engineering Club Software  
Engineering shareware and sites.
Submitted: Aug 30, 1999
Numerical Evaluation of Special Functions  
Higher transcendental functions continue to play varied and important roles in investigations by engineers, mathematicians, scientists and statisticians. The purpose of this paper is to assist in locating useful approximations and software for the numerical generation of these functions, and to offer some suggestions for future developments in this field.

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