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Nonlinear Programming FAQ  
Some questions from the FAQ: Q1. "What is Nonlinear Programming?" Q2. "What software is there for nonlinear optimization?" Q3. "I wrote an optimization code. Where are some test models?" Q4. "What references are there in this field?" Q5. "What's available online in this field?"
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999
Easyworm's LP Solver  
You can find a powerful linear programming software LPSolver.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
Minpack includes software for solving nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems. Five algorithmic paths each include a core subroutine and an easy-to-use driver. The algorithms proceed either from an analytic specification of the Jacobian matrix or directly from the problem functions. The paths include facilities for systems of equations with a banded Jacobian matrix, for least squares problems with a large amount of data, and for checking the consistency of the Jacobian matrix with the functions.
Submitted: Jul 07, 1999
Benchmarks for Optimization Software  
Benchmarks for optimization software by Hans Mittelmann.
Submitted: Dec 14, 1998
Optimization Technology Center  
The Center's mission is to make potential users in industry, government, and academia aware of how optimization techniques can aid their work, and to make the latest techniques widely available. Our products are designed to help at each stage of problem solving, from modeling real-world applications through solving the mathematical problem to interpreting the results.
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999
Decision Tree for Optimization Software  
Annotated links to optimization softwares.
Submitted: Mar 01, 1998
Linear Programming FAQ  
Some questions from the FAQ: Q1. "What is Linear Programming?" Q2. "Where is there good software to solve LP problems?" "Free" codes Commercial codes and modeling systems Free demos of commercial codes Q3. "Oh, and we also want to solve it as an integer program." Q4. "I wrote an optimization code. Where are some test models?" Q5. "What is MPS format?"
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999
The MultiSimplex Software for Experimental Design and Optimization  
Gaining the Competitive Edge: MultiSimplex will let you optimize almost any technical system in a quick and easy way. Software can never replace your skill and know-how, but an efficient tool will save both time and money.
Submitted: Jul 04, 1999
SOL software is state-of-the-art software to solve linear, quadratic, and nonlinear programs. Researchers Walter Murray and Michael Saunders at the Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL), Stanford University (SU); and researcher Philip Gill at the Department of Mathematics, UC Sand Diego (UCSD) have developed the suite of SOL software.
Submitted: Aug 29, 1999
IOSO NS 1.1 Academic edition  
Powerful tool for numerical optimization. You have an object, which should be improved by optimum coordination of several parameters, and its mathematical model, computing efficiency index depending on these parameters. Using IOSO NS 1.1 Academic edition, you can quickly and efficiently solve non-linear optimization problem with dimensionality up to 5 independent variables and 5 functional inequality constraints.
Submitted: Apr 15, 2003
NEOS Guide  
Overviews and resources for optimization.
Submitted: Jul 03, 1999

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