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Real Time and Embedded

EG3 realtime  
Real-time - in all its incarnations - is the subject of this topic area. real-time operating systems (rtos), real-time (fast) and real-time (reliable, or safety-critical). it's your gateway to all the net offers on real-time, rtos, or applied computing (board- or system-level) real-time issues.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Lots of realtime links.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Lynx provides a unique value proposition for the embedded Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) market. The company offers a small, compact operating system, and yet despite its small size, LynxOS offers compatibility with the industry standard Unix operating system. This provides a whole new paradigm for the embedded market which has traditionally used its own internally developed proprietary operating system.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
The QNX realtime OS offers you all the advantages of a true microkernel. It's small, scalable, extensible, and fast. As a true microkernel OS, QNX starts with a lean core of highly reliable code. It's small enough for ROMable embedded applications, yet powerful enough to run a distributed network of several hundred processors.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Real-Time Encyclopaedia  
The Real-Time Encyclopaedia provides you with all the information you need about real-time issues. From our experiences with Real-Time Magazine, we learned that the real-time world is not only a fast moving, but still a very fragmented business. Consequently, the available information is highly decentralised and therefore difficult to trace. The Real-Time Encyclopaedia responds to your need for a central information point, from where you start your search on qualified information about DEDICATED SYSTEMS' design.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Real-Time for the Real World  
Traditional real-time concepts and techniques arose, and are used, in the context of relatively simple, static, centralized, unit-level, regulatory control subsystems. Even there, many of the most fundamental concepts are over-simplified and ill-defined, resulting in unnecessary problems. Consequently, they do not scale up to the important domain of larger, more complex, more dynamic, more distributed, higher level/order, real-time control systems - such as vertically integrated industrial automation, military command and control, and telecommunication intelligent network architectures. A new, more general and expressive, real-time paradigm is required - for example, which replaces conventional notions such as "hard," "soft," and "deterministic" with corresponding, precisely defined, special cases in a continuum of timeliness quality of service. This site discusses some of my approaches to helping create such a new real-time paradigm.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999
Wind River Systems Tornado  
Tornado Tools provide the next evolutionary step in integrated development environments - a more visual, automated environment that makes creating applications on VxWorks® fast, easy, even fun for developers of all experience levels.
Submitted: Jul 12, 1999

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