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Algorithms and Complexity  
These files are my book Algorithms and Complexity, broken up into chapters for easier downloading. This book was in print from 1986 to 1994, and the copyright has now been returned to me.
Submitted: Jul 20, 1999
GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software  
A cross-index and virtual repository of mathematical and statistical software components of use in computational science and engineering.
Submitted: Jul 04, 1999
Netlib Repository  
The Netlib repository contains freely available software, documents, and databases of interest to the numerical, scientific computing, and other communities. The repository is maintained by AT&T Bell Laboratories, the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and by colleagues world-wide. The collection is replicated at several sites around the world, automatically synchronized, to provide reliable and network efficient service to the global community.
Submitted: Dec 29, 1995
Semiconductor Application Notes, Technical Articles and White Papers  
Application Notes, Technical Articles and White Papers written by semiconductor industry professionals pertaining to IC Packaging, Design, IC Assembly and Test, Wafer Fabrication, IC Trends and IC Packaging Developments.
Submitted: Jun 12, 2003
The Mathematica Book, Third Edition  
From Stephen Wolfram's The Mathematica Book and other Mathematica documentation. Web version generated from Mathematica notebook source by Wolfram Research electronic publishing technology.
Best Book Buys  
Best Book Buys is an on-line shopping agent that searches bookstores on the internet. It helps users find books they are looking for at the best prices. People use Best Book Buys to search for a book and then it returns a list of stores that are selling that book and for what price. Thus making it easy to compare several store prices for the same book.
Submitted: Jul 29, 1999
Nelson H F Beebe's Bibliographies Page  
This file points to a number of Internet bibliography collections. Most are in BibTeX format, with the remainder in UNIXbib format. Geographical locations are given where available, so that you can gauge whether a Web connection is taking excessive time.
Submitted: Aug 15, 1997
Selected Computing Sciences Technical Reports  
Classic technical reports from Bel Lab staff, including J. F. Ossanna, J. F. Ossanna, B. W. Kernighan, Jon L. Bentley, A. V. Aho, R. Sethi, D. M. Gay, L. C. Kaufman and Bjarne Stroustrup.
Submitted: Jul 04, 1999
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies  
This is a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science. The about 1200 bibliographies are updated monthly from their original locations so that you'll always find the most recent versions here.
Submitted: Jun 16, 1999
William Kahan  
This is the homepage of William Kahan, a Professor at the University of Berkeley. Files available from this homepage include: Documents relating to IEEE standard 754 for binary floating-point arithmetic ; The Improbability of Probabilistic Error Analyses for Numerical Computations ; Pi-related programs ; How to Test Whether SQRT is Rounded Correctly ; Beastly Numbers ; Approximate Trisection of an Angle ; Gregorian calendar and MATLAB programs for it ; How JAVA's Floating-Point Hurts Everyone Everywhere ; Matlab's Loss is Nobody's Gain, and others.
Submitted: Oct 04, 1997
SIGPLAN is a Special Interest Group of ACM that focuses on Programming Languages. In particular, SIGPLAN explores programming language concepts and tools, focusing on design, implementation and efficient use. Its members are programming language users, developers, implementers, theoreticians, researchers and educators.
Submitted: Jul 24, 1999
ACM: Digital Library  
Tap into the ACM Digital Library, a vast resource of bibliographic information, citations, and full-text articles. Access to full-text is by subscription only: ACM members who are Digital Library subscribers have access to all full-text articles. Members and nonmembers who subscribe to electronic publications (but not to the entire Library) have full-text access to their subscriptions only.
Submitted: Jul 05, 1999
Don Knuth's Home Page  
This is the Home Page of Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University. The page includes links to several sections, including: Frequently Asked Questions, Computer Musings, Important Message to all Users of TeX, Downloadable Programs, and others.
Submitted: Jan 03, 1998
Network Bibliography  
The Network Bibliography consists of about 44,700 references, mostly to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. The database covers performance evaluation, computer networks, computer supported cooperative work, network security, digital signal processing and related topics. The database is searched about 120 times a day.
Submitted: Aug 14, 1996
Numerical Computation Guide  
Sun's floating-point environment on SPARC, Intel, and PowerPCTM, systems enables you to develop robust, high-performance, portable numerical applications. The floating-point environment can also help investigate unusual behavior of numerical programs written by others. These systems implement the arithmetic model specified by IEEE Standard 754 for Binary Floating Point Arithmetic. This manual explains how to use the options and flexibility provided by the IEEE Standard on these systems.
Submitted: Aug 06, 1998
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)  
SAL (Scientific Applications on Linux) is a collection of information and links to software that will be of interest to scientists and engineers.
Submitted: Apr 11, 2000
Unified Computer Science TR Index  
This index pulls information from a very large number of sources, each with its own index format; thus, it doesn't look as pretty as it might. We strive for function over form, though we try to do both when practical.
Submitted: May 23, 1996

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