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The goal of the Modelica design effort is to design a physical systems modeling language that makes life for the model builders considerably easier and more productive. There definitely is an interoperability problem amongst the large variety of modeling and simulation environments available today. The main cause of this problem is the absence of a state-of-the-art, standardized external model representation. Modeling languages often do not adequately support the structuring of large, complex models and the process of model evolution in general.
Submitted: Jun 27, 2000
SansGUI Resources  
Simulation Resources
Submitted: Aug 16, 2001
Lorenz Simulation  
Lorenz Simulation: the editor of MS1, the modelling and simulation software dedicated for dynamic systems.
Submitted: Oct 30, 1998
Visual Solutions, Incorporated  
Since 1989, Visual Solutions (VSI) has been a pioneer in the development of Windows-based software for the modeling and simulation of dynamic systems. Their VisSim products are used by a wide variety of companies to model and simulate systems and develop controllers for a diverse range of products. Control System Design applications include: automotive brake systems (GM Delphi), precision motion control machinery like PCB insertion equipment (Universal Instruments), aerospace guidance, navigation and control systems (ITT Aerospace) and dynamic process control simulations (DuPont).
Submitted: Feb 13, 1998
Altia provides simulation graphics software that connects to Stateflow/ Simulink as well as code generated from RTW to provide a user interface of "virtual components". Engineers can debug their simulations, communicate with customers, collaborate with colleagues, eliminate defects and make sure that their ideas come to market.
Submitted: Jul 29, 1999
SystemView by ELANIX® is the leading Windows design, simulation and analysis software for today's advanced Communications, DSP, and RF/Analog system designs. SystemView features an intuitive block diagram interface, extensive libraries, a comprehensive analysis environment, and links to hardware development tools.
Submitted: Feb 19, 1998
CACI Company  
CACI is the leader in modeling and performance prediction products and projects. By assessing network performance of proposed designs up-front, clients are better prepared to make informed investments. CACI products run on all popular platforms including Windows 95, Windows NT, and UNIX.
Submitted: Feb 17, 1998

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