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Freely available software for Linear Algebra  
I'm putting together information on freely available software for the solution of linear algebra problems. The interest is in software for high-performance computers that's available in source form on the web for solving problems in numerical linear algebra, specifically dense, sparse direct and iterative systems and sparse iterative eigenvalue problems.
Submitted: Jul 04, 1999
MatView is a handy tool for viewing and exploring large sparse matrices. Using MatView, a sparse matrix with millions of elements can be reduced to a graphically viewable size for overviews of the high-level structure, or a detailed view can be obtained by zooming in and navigating through small regions of the matrix.
Submitted: Aug 22, 1998
UF Sparse matrix algorithms  
Contains the source code for many of the sparse matrix operations in MATLAB (lu, chol, amd, colamd, x=A\b when A is sparse, and so on).
Submitted: Apr 19, 2006

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