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An Introduction to Wavelets  
Wavelets are mathematical functions that cut up data into different frequency components, and then study each component with a resolution matched to its scale. They have advantages over traditional Fourier methods in analyzing physical situations where the signal contains discontinuities and sharp spikes. Wavelets were developed independently in the fields of mathematics, quantum physics, electrical engineering, and seismic geology. Interchanges between these fields during the last ten years have led to many new wavelet applications such as image compression, turbulence, human vision, radar, and earthquake prediction. This paper introduces wavelets to the interested technical person outside of the digital signal processing field. I describe the history of wavelets beginning with Fourier, compare wavelet transforms with Fourier transforms, state properties and other special aspects of wavelets, and finish with some interesting applications such as image compression, musical tones, and de-noising noisy data.
Submitted: Jul 07, 1999
Applied Wavelet Analysis Courses  
Applied Wavelet Analysis Courses
Submitted: Nov 11, 2001
ImageLib is a C++ class library providing image processing and related facilities. The main set of classes provides a variety of image and vector types, with additional modules supporting scalar and vector quantisation, wavelet transforms, DCT transforms, and simple histogram operations.
Submitted: Jul 07, 1999
Wavelet Image Compression Construction Kit  
This code implements a wavelet transform-based image coder for grayscale images. The coder is not the most sophisticated - it's a simple transform coder - but each individual piece of the transform coder has been chosen for high performance. The coder is quite effective, despite its lack of more sophisticated features such as zerotrees.
Submitted: Jul 10, 1999
Wavelet Digest  
The Wavelet Digest is a free monthly newsletter edited by Wim Sweldens which contains all kinds of information concerning wavelets: announcement of conferences, preprints, software, questions, etc.
Submitted: Jul 07, 1999

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