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Spatial Genetic Software  
The new programme Spatial Genetic Software (SGS) provides a user friendly WINDOWS tool to analyse small and large scale genetic and phenotypic structures. The program can deal with nearly all types of genetic data such as codominant marker (allozyme, nuclear microsatellites), dominant marker (RAPDs, AFLPs) and uniparentally inherited markers (cp- and mt-haplotypes). Most of those data can be analysed on both scales, as individual genotypes of one population (small scale) and as frequencies of alleles or haplotypes for different populations (large scale). Furthermore, a simple approach to analyse the spatial structure of continuous quantitative traits is integrated.
Submitted: Nov 17, 2000
PopGen is a simulation program designed to clarify various population genetic events. It is aimed mainly for teaching purposes.
ChemBasic for ChemSketch  
ChemBasic is a programming language similar to Basic for chemists to create their own customized applications.
HASL modeling is accomplished through the intermediate conversion of a superposed set of molecules to a set of regularly-spaced points (lattice) defined by Cartesian coordinates (x,y,z) and atom type. The resulting lattice is then related to individual molecular binding activity by endowing each lattice point with a partial binding value so that the sum of any set of points belonging to a particular molecule results in the original binding value for that molecule. The binding activity of a new molecule is predicted through the summation of partial binding values associated with lattice points correspondng to the new molecule.
Submitted: Jan 06, 2001

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