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Advantageware's VB Advantage is a powerful, critically acclaimed, VB development productivity utility that enhances VB's design time environment. VB Advantage has many powerful, helpful, and easy-to-use features and tools that help you produce better code while saving time and eliminating those mind-numbing redundant tasks.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
CodeSMART is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic which turns Visual Basic IDE to be the efficient, powerful and high-quality programming environment.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC  
SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), easy-to-learn extended BASIC syntax, built-in high-speed Database engine, built-in email and Internet functionality. Write "sexy" applications in a snap. Patent-pending 34 digit "perfect precision" math included!
A Visual Basic Add-In to pin point errors in your VB Programs by adding line numbers to VB Projects, Visual Basic Coding Tools, Productivity Tools, Programmer's Tools, A VB Add-In to document your program, insert error handlers, and track revision information, add comment blocks, add procedure headers.
Submitted: Jun 19, 2000
Sax Software  
Sax Software provides rock solid components that help you create better apps faster. Their VBA-compatible macro development environment adds power and flexibility to your application with.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
SpyWorks - extends the Power of Visual Basic. This package is the brainchild of Daniel Appleman, and full of features. NT Service Toolkit - Create powerful NT Services with Visual Basic. StorageTools - Access OLE Structured Storage from within Visual Basic.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Help Editor and generator for Visual Basic  
Add help and documentation to your application HTML Help Generator offers a new way to add help to an application. Instead of making help files from scratch by hand the generator scans the application and produces the required files for you. This can save up to 80% of time required for making a help file.
Submitted: Mar 18, 2006
Object Briefcase  
Object Briefcase v3.2 is an add-in for the Visual Basic that allows you to store reuasable controls and/or code in a libraryor scrapbook that you can access from within the development environment.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
PR-Tracker helps manage software development projects by tracking software bugs, action items, and change requests with problem reports. PR-Tracker runs on Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000

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