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VB Gaming Land  
Visual Basic Games, Addins, Tutorials, Forum, Tips & Tricks, Links, Books, and much more.
Submitted: Jul 07, 2000
MasterMind Game VB Algorithm  
An interactive number guessing game (a version of the famous MasterMind game) written by Visual Basic. The algorithm is unique and very powerful.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2003
Visual Basic Games Programming Studio  
This site is dedicated to Visual Basic (VB), VB Games programming and getting YOU writing VB Games! Be sure to check the programming tutorials before you go and fill in the feedback questionaire.
Submitted: Jul 10, 2000
Here you can download games, learn how to make games, or submit your own games.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
VBJET Fighter  
VB Jet Fighter is a 2D scrolling Game providing a framework for writing 2D scrolling games using Visual Basic 6. Full source code is provided under the GPL licence agreement so anyone can see its source code and edit it.
Submitted: Apr 13, 2006

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