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Class Math Expression Parser. v. 3.0 by Leonardo Volpi, Michael Ruder, Thomas Zeutschler, Lieven Dossche. A nice class for parsing and evaluating math expressions in Visual Basic 6 and VBA 97/2000. Exponential (1.23E-3) and physical numbers with unit of measure like m, MHz, ms, Kg, etc. are recognized. Functions and operators: Abs Atn Cos Exp Fix Int Ln Log Rnd Sgn Sin Sqr Tan Acos Asin Cosh Sinh Tanh Acosh Asinh Atanh Fact Comb Max Min Mcm Mcd Mod And Or Not Xor Erf Gamma Gammaln Digamma Zeta Ei + - * / ^ ! % \ >= Open Source. Freeware. Documented and tested.
Submitted: Dec 10, 2002
Class Complex Math Expression Parser v. 3.1  
Starting from the v.3 of MathParser, Arnoud has extended the parser evaluator to complex numbers adding a large, good collection of complex functions and operators in a separate, reusable module. For VB 6 programmers. Very well built. Freeware and Documented. This class is used by the RPN Complex Calculator V2.05
Submitted: Jan 10, 2003

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