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Visual Basic Project Management Journal  
VBPMJ is targeted to project managers, QA managers, programmers, and anyone who wants to go beyond the VB code. It has book reviews, discussion groups, and articles to help you improve your VB project management skills.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Visual Basic Programmers Journal  
Vsual Basic news, conferences, projects, FAQs, and other resources.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Australian Visual Developers Forum  
AVDF was a bi-monthly publication featuring programming information on Visual Basic, Delphi and Internet development, published from 1993 until February 1999.
Submitted: Jun 26, 2000
Visual Basic Web Magazine  
VBWM is one of the largest VB sites on the Internet, providing hundreds of articles, tips, links, job searchs, message boards and more.
Submitted: Jun 16, 2000
Visual Systems Journal  
Visual Systems Journal (VSJ) is the independent source for software developers, published on line and in print.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Developer Network Journal  
The definitive magazine for European developers who are building software for Microsoft Windows. DNJ is distributed to MSDN Professional and Universal members.
Submitted: Jun 30, 2000
Dr. Dobb's Journal  
DDJ is spezialized in covering practical technology. DDJ have over twenty years of experience covering all languages, platforms, and tools.
Submitted: Jun 15, 2000
Inside Visual Basic  
Tips and techniques for people developing applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Visual Basic News & Information Source.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000

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