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Visual DLL  
Using Visual DLL you can write DLL modules that can be called directly from any Windows language that can make a call to a DLL.
Submitted: Jul 19, 2002
go-download.com software files  
Visual Basic programs and utilites.
Submitted: Jul 08, 2000
RegExpr for VB/VBA  
RegExpr for VB/VBA is a code library for Regular expression matching. RegExpr for VB & VBA brings the power of Regular expressions to Visual Basic, Word, Excel, and Access. Regular expressions are a tool for string matching and substitution used in many programming languages, like Perl. RegExpr compiles into your EXE file, it does not need any separate DLLs or OCXs or any other software.
Submitted: Jun 22, 2000
Visual DLL  
Visual DLL makes your collection of Microsoft Visual Basic routines into a standard Windows DLL with true function exports. This makes your VB code callable from any Windows program.
Submitted: Jul 01, 2000
ActiveX controls, OCX components, COM objects, DLL libraries, OLE, toolkits for Internet & Intranet; in Visual Basic, C C++, Java, VB, J++, Delphi that implement email, ftp, rpc, winsock, terminal emulation for VT220, TN3270, NFS.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Tools and tips for Visual Basic programmers. Project Analyzer: dead code detection, optimization, call trees, cross-references, VB browser, documentation. Database utilities. Regular expressions library. Expression evaluator. VB tips, surveys and other articles. Books. Links.
Submitted: Jun 16, 2000
Project Analyzer  
Project Analyzer is a complete code review and quality control tool for Visual Basic. With Project Analyzer's problem detection feature, you remove unnecessary code, get recommendations for better coding style, and check for error prone places in your project.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
Performance Software  
Visual Basic Source Code Formatting, Visual Basic Utilities, Visual Basic Utility Programs, Disk Directory Utility, etc.
Submitted: Jun 22, 2000
Code Print VB  
This Add-In to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 significantly enhances its source code printing capabilities. You can print any part of your VB project's source code from within the VB's development environment.
Submitted: Sep 03, 2004
COM Add-in Development  
Visual RAD tool for developing COM add-ins, Smart Tags and RTD Servers in Visual Basic, C#, C++, and J#. Sample COM add-ins for Excel, Outlook, Word are available for download with complete source code.
Submitted: Apr 28, 2005
Sheridan Software Systems, Inc.  
A developer and publisher of software Microsoft's Visual Basic environment tools for end-users and software/application developers.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Ramses Software  
On these pages you will find a Visual Basic Code Print Utility. Version 1.00 is now available on the Free Downloads page.
Submitted: Jul 05, 2000
Simple DNS+Traceroute Library  
Object for simple IP adress and host name resolution, ASP and VB TraceRoute.
Submitted: Jul 04, 2000
Creator of award winning utilities for Visual Basic developers. Current products are VB Compress Pro and VB Language Manager Pro.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
PowerBASIC On The Net  
PowerBASIC compilers and programming tools for Windows and DOS.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
TX Text Control  
TX Text Control provides royalty free, robust and powerful word processing in reusable component form.
Submitted: Jun 17, 2000
Aardvark Software, Inc.  
Aardvark Software is a leading provider of code utilities for Microsoft Visual Basic. Its products are Pretty Printer, Polisher, and Compare for VB.
Submitted: Jul 11, 2000
FinancialCAD provides financial instrument management software for Excel, VB and C++, and an online application services to value financial instruments instantly online, mark portfolios to market, manage market risk (VaR), comply with FAS 133 and access market data.
Submitted: Jul 08, 2000
ResMe makes the first step of localization extremely simple because it automatically moves hard-coded user interface strings into a resource file. ResMe is a string extraction utility that removes only "the right strings" from your Visual BasicŽ source code, replaces them with a LoadResString() reference, and places the extracted strings in a .RES resource file. Many days of tedious, error prone work can be reduced to a few minutes of automated processing.
Submitted: Jul 11, 2000
Localization Guru  
Localization Guru is a software tool for Visual Basic® programmers that enables a Visual Basic® application to support multiple languages. The programmer develops the application in his native language and then exports all of the native language text from the application into a language database.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
Xceed Software  
Makers of high-quality components for developers. This includes the Xceed Zip Compression Library, the Self-Extractor Module, the Xceed Winsock Library and the Xceed Backup Library. Formats: COM, ActiveX, OCX, DLL, VCL and VBX controls.
Submitted: Jul 08, 2000
Cypress Enable  
Basic Scripting for Applications, a VBA compatible embeddable scripting language for application developers.
Submitted: Jul 09, 2000
Donia's tools  
DSPing provides developers with a way to ping hosts and network resources. DSDns allows you to add DNS resolution functionality to your application or Web page. Digisign is a COM component that provides developers with a way to create data checksums, digital signatures, certificates, and other applications that require one way encryption.
Submitted: Jun 22, 2000
HelpKit includes all the tools you will need to develop great looking help files in less time. Write help files using the HelpKit then integrate them with your application using the HelpKit Visual Basic Assistant.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
MicroGOLD provides WithClass, a UML design tool that works with Java, C++, VB.
Submitted: Jul 04, 2000
Offers TegoWeb Express, that Convert your programs to Web Page Programs, Create Internet Database Programs, Create e-Commerce programs); Internet Chat/Game ActiveX; ActiveX Controls; DirectX based ActiveX: DirectSound, DirectDraw, 3D Virtual Reality; Visual Basic Tutorials, and more.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Custom programming, programming tools and internet consulting, SQL, database, numerical analysis, ColdFusion, VB, telephony.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
WhippleWare creates high quality, industrial strength utilities for VB developers. Their current products are VB Compress Pro, an analysis and optimization tool that helps you clean up code in minutes, VB Language Manager Pro, which makes localizing VB apps as easy as 1-2-3, and VB HyperDocs, a unique technical documentation tool that is both automated and completely customizable.
Submitted: Jul 08, 2000
Crusher is a comprehensive library of routines that allows you to incorporate sophisticated compression technology into your own C/C++ and Visual Basic (and other languages) applications.
Submitted: Jul 04, 2000
Pronexus offers powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools for building voice, fax, and speech solutions that will improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Their tools leverage the world's most popular programming environment, Visual Basic, to provide essential application interoperability and scalability. VBVoice offers all the flexibility of a standards-based design environment, and no proprietary language learning curves.
Submitted: Jul 08, 2000
COM Add-in & Smart Tag Tool  
A visual RAD tool for developing COM add-ins and Smart Tags in C#, C++, Visual Basic and Delphi on .NET and VCL.
Submitted: Nov 25, 2004
On this site you will find forms, bas's, and some help files that are ziped up.
Submitted: Jun 20, 2000
Application development tools for ActiveX, Visual Basic, Delphi. Products include Code.Print Pro for project documentation.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
WebRainbow is a CGI tool for Visual Basic, let VB developer to write Web Server Independent dynamic page directly using Visual Basic. The CGI script is "written once, working for all" major web server running on Windows 2000/NT4/98/95.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
VB5-CGI Objects from EazyWare  
VB5-CGI Objects let you easily develop powerful and fast standard CGI scripts with VB5.
Submitted: Jun 21, 2000
TegoSoft provides state-of-the-art software products, that including ActiveX Controls, Internet Chat/Game ActiveX, Visual Basic Tutorials, and more.
Submitted: Jun 16, 2000
X-Works is a tool for web server application development - either new development or porting existing applications to WWW. It works with web server software on server computer (not on client PC). It allows you to write CGI scripts in VB, VFP, or any other languages on NT/95/98, and yet it runs faster than writing in C or Perl.
Submitted: Jun 14, 2000
Innovasys, commercial producer of leading edge Visual Basic development tools including automated production of structured HTMLHelp (HTML Help) Documentation, context sensitive and What's this Help support.
Submitted: Jun 15, 2000

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